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well then again i appear out of the blue

Hey folks how are things these days i've been pretty busy so i haven't been able to post to much these days but I suppose I shall try to post more frequently. I took my HM3 exam today and i felt that i did pretty good so we shall see here in a few weeks what the results are, I mean jeeze i've only taken it four times now so you would figure that I would pass it on this one with the amount of points I have already before the test is even equated into the system. Well what else is going on the summer is fast approaching here in okinawa and it seems that the weather is not going along with the norm it's I guess pretty cold for here for the past few weeks. I think it's great cause I can wear shorts and sandals and it's no big thing. I'm here alone drinking me some green beer cause you know what day it is, THE GREAT ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!! WOOOOO!!! So yeah i've downed a six pack and feelin pretty good but drunk just a tiny buzz got me a new game today which is hot GT4 for those of you who have no clue what that is, it's Gran turismo 4 which is a sequal to the GT3 which was a sweet game and this one is even better. Well I suppose i'm going to call it a night cause it's been a utterly long day FUCKING CHIEF I HATE YOU!!!! anywho enough of me ranting later folks i'm out like an 80's hairstyle.
Doc A outta here
P.S. Siv I plan on shootin you an email or something here pretty soon once things finally calm themselves down here. I hope things are going good for you bro take it easy.
Haines if your out there somewhere god speed with you I miss ya bro I was looking at some old pics of the three of us Siv,you and myself chilling doing what we do best causing trouble and it def makes me miss the ol hellhole. Later dude.


hey folks

Well I know it's been a good while since i've posted so i figured i would throw something up here for the fellow communists to look at remember MOTHER RUSSIA!!! ... lol anywho there isn't to much going on in my life just chilling working and trying to get my back feeling better cause it's been all sorts of screwed up lately which kind of sucks but hey what are you gonna do except for take meds and try to take it easy on it. Well for now I suppose i'm out so i shall talk to yous all later.
Doc A outta here