Image hosted by Well as us communist unite to take over the world I mean just provide you with good music. Remember that we all have our 15 mins of fame.


well here I am

Well i've been to my new unit for a week now and loving life not to shabby living conditions ya know everything is pretty darn good so i can't complain to overly much other than the hot and getting shot at alot conditions ya know same ol' same ol. what else is going on well not a whole lot just six more months in this hell hole and i'll be done here and six more months after that and I will be done completely in the navy YUT!! Well for now I'm outta here.
Doc A live from iraq signing off
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well i'm back


well finally here

Yes I know i said I would be able to post once I got to the sandbox well I guess that I was wrong because I can as you can see access the internet which is quite nice if you ask me . Hmmm well finally got settled in with my unit pretty cool bunch of guys. I finally got away from the asshole chief we started off over here with, that motherfucker was getting on my freakin nerves. I swear to god he threatens to kick my ass again oh he is going to be in for a rude awakening. Anywho Well i can't really talk about a whole lot cause i don't know who is reading this page but I can say this. To that certain someone out there I miss you dearly and love ya lots. Well for now I'm outta here.
Doc A signing off live from OIF.


well the last post of the communist.

Well folks my time to leave is very very quickly approaching. August 3rd to be exact and am I excited about it well somewhat but not at the same time. So i will leave this as a reminder to all of those I care about out there. Remember this I will never be very far away and I will not forget the good/bad times we've had together I will miss all of you very much but I will return sometime next year. I am slowly but surely closing in on my time for when I can throw up the universial peace sign and get the heck of dodge in my dodge. I will be coming home to ny sometime in march/april time frame. To everybody out there who may read this I will give you all my holiday greetings ahead of time because I will not be anywhere near home for thanksgiving/christmas/new years. SO eat some turkey/ham what ever it is you eat for me open some presents and ring in the new year with a smile on your face for me because I will be doing the same as best as I can while i'm over there. So for now I've ranted and put enough sad stuff in here to make even my cat cry so I will depart now silently as I did the first time I left for OIF. Well stay safe out there and remember Freedom isn't free.
Doc A signing off and biddin adue