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stupid fucks

So I work last night Monday the 14th of May and I find out from a co-worker that supposedly that I quote unquote have a white supremacy website, although quite ridiculously comical is very not true. If you understood what this site was about then you would maybe know what it is really about. It’s a blog site with a funny ploy on communism (which by the way is a joke between my brother and I) nothing serious. So unfortunally I have to undo the damage that you fucks have done. SO here I sit with a list of what needs to be said.


If you can’t understand that then you need to realize that this site is where I can express my feelings and expressions because last I Checked I lived in the United States that has a freedom of expression. ( 1st amendment)

2) I love the fact that you folks involved are so immature that you have to start a rumor mill based on something that apparently you haven’t read into. Also let us not forget that you probably are very insecure with yourself so you feel the need to lash out on somebody else because of your insecurities. (truth hurts huh??)

3) If you hate me because “ you think that I have a site about blah blah blah” why is it that you don’t approach me instead of being a moron and whispering to your buddies.

4) So I exit with this note. If you don’t like me go fuck yourself because I didn’t come to Monroe to make friends I came there for a job and to help out people. Secondly how bout you people involved in this rumor mill how bout you grow the fuck up and stop being a 12 year old child because last I checked were all adults. Although here I could be assuming that people know how to take civil ways to talk to each other instead of just backstabbing somebody.

5) so I lied I must end on this note, I appreciate the good laugh that you have given me with your childish little games, and also if you feel the need to talk about this go right ahead because I know I’m not going to lose any sleep at all and I will still probably be the same person I was today, tomorrow.

On that note,

Doc A signing off.

P.S. also feel free to comment because this should be comical.