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hi there

Well folks as you can see it's been a good while since I've put a post up here so I decided I would throw a post up here. Well it is closing in on the holiday's 4 more days till christmas and a week and a half or so till christmas both of which will be spent here in iraq. I wanted to also let anybody who reads this and thinks i'm single, Well I have news to post on that issue I have a WONDERFUL g/f who is caring,awesome and just damn sexy. I can't wait to go home to finally kiss her and hold her in my arms. Felicia I lovvveee you!!! *mwah* In other news I have hopefully if everything works out well less than 100 days left here before I get to go home for 30 days and a little over 8 months left in the navy till I am done with my active duty contract. Oh you have no idea how much I can't wait to get out of the navy and get on with my life and hopefully move to pa, hoping of course that felicia wants me too and get started with college. Well to all you people out there that actually read this I wish you all a merry christmas. I wish I could be home to enjoy mine but I have a job to do so I shall do it to the best of my ability. Well for now I'm outta here. Felicia again I love you very much and I miss you a whole lot.
Doc A Signing off
Live from Iraq
P.S. owen if you read this let me know what the prices are going to be so I can make sure pops takes the cashola out for it. Thanks bro.


will this day ever end.

Well today started off definitely on the wrong foot as just gone down hill steeply all day hopefully someone will get on soon and raise my spirits some. I found out this morning I have a particular thing wrong with my body which was the bad news for the day. I then knowing this bad news had to drive around all day doing stupid shit nearly getting hit which just didn't help. I sleep worse than I ever have before I don't know what is wrong with my body but I can not get it to fall asleep before 2 am at all no matter what I do. I wake up at 7:30 everyday to the same old shit that I left the night before. I'm sick and tired of my weak chain of command it's just getting on my nerves that I have nobody over here that has any balls attached to them to stand up for something that they think is wrong. I find it just ridiculously stupid and dumb but me being the lowest ranking guy in my all I can do is take it smile and go on about my day. So today in conclusion SUCKED! no and's if's or but's about it nothing good thus far at 745 pm has come out of this day. I wish I could just erase this day and start over from the beginning. Well for now I suppose I'll listen to some tunes and call it a day at some point. So until tomorrow i'm off to nothingness.
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Live from iraq.


interesting turn of events recently

well I find this rather amuzin and good all in the same stroke. I am at my new location and I started talking to a particular individual that as time progressed I started to like more and more, or as I like to say my type of girl. Great smile,eyes, personality, body ya know all the requirement guys like to have meow. The cool part is that I actually got the balls to tell her how I felt now you may ask who is this person what is her name. Well I don't know if she wants this information disclosed so I shall for now leave it a mystery and if you don't like that well go pound sand. Anywho in other news me old man(dad) turned a year older yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I also just about completed my christmas shopping for this year in iraq for my parents at home. I want to get this certain individual a christmas present but I don't know what she really would like so i'm wondering what would be good I can't pull a classic Colin Surprise so that's out. DAMN IT! meh oh well i guess i'll just have to ask and see what kind of response I get. I know this individual may read this so BLAH MEOW! Otherwise life is good i suppose got a siren on me truck here so it's nice and makes lots-o-noise. I'm going to go to bed now I didn't get to talk to who I wanted too :0(
Doc A signing off live from Iraq.