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To work I go UGH!

I will be heading back to okinawa for 5 months or so here in a couple of days and I will say I enjoyed every single day of my leave to the fulliest. I am definitely leaving someone behind who i will miss very dearly and can't wait to get back too. I hope she does decide to move to ny so we can have an awesome relationship together. I love you felicia very much so and yes I still have some growing up to do please know that I want you in my life and have every intent of keeping you in my life as long as you can stand me :-p To all you others around there especially my bro out in the sunny desert of az I plan on taking a week in april time frame to come visit you just so you know so i'll keep you posted but we'll definitely have a grand old time. What else to my friends here in good ol hamlin/brockport ny I will miss you guys but know i'll be back soon for good this time, hopefully with my lovely fiancee in tow(i mean that in a good way :-) and we'll have some good ol times). To you chumps at hamlin ambulance I hope you'll be able to pick up the slack of me being gone while i'm gone but know i'll be back now i may not be around as much because like it says above hopefully my better half will be up here in ny with me but time shall tell, just know i'll always be around and hopefully either pick up the 2M-34 spot from cody or the 2M-24 spot from colleen. Well for now folks I'm outta here I will be enjoying my last day of being a lazy bum and love every minute of it other than the fact that I am alone(not technically but i'm missing my beautiful other half felicia). Just a thought I want to share GOD I LOVE HER!!! and i'm OOOOOOOHH SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!! and nobody can change my thought on that so if you have problems well i have this to say cry me a river build a bridge and get over it because she is in my life to stay.
Doc A Signing off
That's right i'm no longer live from iraq, this is definitely a NY broadcast.