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the birthday

So as most who care know I turned a year older recently aug 5th to be exact. It was a different one to say the least mainly because I was home in the US for the first time in five years, and either not in a foreign country, iraq, or flying to iraq. Well the better half said to me when i got home from work what do I want to do? I of course didn't know what to do except well go to bed. Well she aparently made some phone calls and such and got a hold of all my friends and went out and bought me an xbox 360 elite (which i still at this point haven't opened) and told them to meet us at tulley's so I called work and asked if it was cool if i didn't come in till 8 because i didn't have a partner. Well mr. bennetti being a nice guy as he decided well why don't you just come in at 10 instead so that was sweet. Christina finally gets me out the door and such we had to stall for a bit and we show up to the surprise of my buddy jesse, paul and britney(jesse's g/f) sitting there at tulley's well we had a good time and all was marry and such. I pretty much have to say it was by far the best b-day i've ever had and I also must throw in thanks mom for not even bothering to give me a call or anything! Anywho off i go I missed class today cause I over slept so blah to me not sleeping much. So i'll have to make that up but for now i'm outta here.
Doc A
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