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an interesting twist

So things as you can see haven't been to overly exciting out there I suppose, getting ready to move out of the current apt and into a new apt with the g/f for whom i love a whole heck of a lot, really to be honest can't even begin to put into words. Christina I'm glad that you walked into my life I really am you definitely make everyday worth waking up too as well as an adventure. Thank you.

I go home the other day on my normal Wednesday for squad night in good ol hamlin and i see there is a piece of mail from the navy, now my first thought is "oh boy here I go again off to iraq" but I was definitely wrong (it was in a large manila envelope) so i rip the top open and go hmmm that's an award cover thing. I open it up and am completely speechless, I had received a bronze star for my actions during my last tour in iraq a pleasant surprise I must say. So i include it here (above right)for those who wish to read the citation. On that note I suppose I'm going to sit here and enjoy the last hour of pure boredom on 9849 (couch on wheels) ambulance. Laters
doc A signing off