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The move

Where to begin I guess would be the question at hand here? I have recently moved to arizona as of about oh 2-3 days ago( freaking longest car ride I think i've ever done) 34 hours of drive time. Anywho, I am here with a brother from the service and glad that his wife and him have allowed me to stay here till I can get on my feet. In other news I am single again, unfortunate yes but I think for the better and no i'm not here to shit talk just say this.. It's unfortunate it had to end the way it did but i do believe that it is for the better for both parties involved. I do have a kitty I don't think i've put that into any recent posts. The kitties name is evy she is 1 3/4 year old tortise shell and is my video game buddy and yes she made the 34 hour drive with me. Anywho other than that not a whole lot going on just trying to find a job and such. So for now i'm going to go lie in my bed and just think about random nothingness.
Doc A