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well who knows anymore

Well as you may have seen in my last post that I tried to ask a girl out for a date and got SHOT down like a 747. Well on valentine's day this chic had the audasity to come up to me and say i wish i had a valentines I said hey bitch did you forgot the fact that i asked you out on a date and would have been your valentines gladly but oh well what are you going to do you try to be nice to them and they stab you in the eye with a sodering iron i guess she'll get hers in the end. What else is going on in my life these here days well i just dropped 500 bones on the ol car to get it worthy to pass the damn inspection here in okinawa that's awfully expensive i tell ya. Hmm anything else well lets see i haven't been sober for the past 3 days so i suppose i'm tryin to set some record or something we'll see. Anywho I don't have a whole lot to write about so until the next time I decide to get on here and rant about my life I shall talk to you all later and remember it will always get worse before it finally gets better, but it will eventually get better.


yet another lonely valentines

Well yet another valentines day has arrived and yet again i'm alone and single without someone to enjoy it with. What else is going on well my eye has been bothering me pretty bad lately and i don't quite know why but oh well i suppose it will get better eventually right?? or it will just fall out either way it's all good. I get to work all sorts of long hours this week YAY how thrilling ya know just what I want to do all week but it's ok cause it's payday week with is def a good thing cause I got shit I gotta get paided. I miss the touch of a girl's hand against my head ever so soft and she rubs her hand through my hand, or the feelin of my lips touching hers as we kiss the night away, just a simple hug where the vibe of her love for me and my love for her flows freely. Well I suppose my time will come eventually but tomorrow or anytime soon from what I can see. Well I suppose that's enough of my whining and moping. i'll leave with the lyrics to this song. GOOD CHARLOTTE-CHANGE
I am lost in the see-thru, I think you lost yourself too, Throughout all of this confusion, I hope I somehow get to you, I practiced all the things I'd say, To tell you how I feel, And when I finally get my chance, It all seems so surreal, 'Cause from the first time I saw you, I only thought about you,
I didn't know you, I wanted to hold onto, The things you'd never say to me, 'Cause you said [Chorus]You can't change the way you feel, I could never do that, I could never do that, But you can't tell me this ain't real, 'Cause this is real And you would see right through that, In the end it's all I've got, So I'm gonna hold onto that, So I'm gonna hold on and on and on and on, [Chorus Ends]Now you've got me watching your eyes, Got me waiting just to see, If it goes the way it never will, Your eyes are watching me, and now you've got me thinking 'bout, The first time that I met you, Standing in a crowded room, But I could only see you, And I hope my words will get through, 'Cause now I can't forget you, I want to tell you, If only I could reach you, And make you feel this way, But you said...


Well this week has finally reached it's end

See title above and you'll better understand why i'm so exhausted that it's not even funny. We were all pulling at least 17 hour days since last sunday and yes it does get a bit old after a while. Well in other news I asked this chic out the other day and she said sure lets go do something so i asked her today when would be a good time for her and yeah I got shot like an enemy aircraft. It kind of pissed me off but hey what are you going to do. I would like to quote my father and say what he always says to me "there are plently more fish in the sea". Hmm whatelse to blurb about well i FINALLY got my cavities filled pain is good but after the pain wears off it's all good cause now my teeth don't hurt. I get to finally I think enjoy a weekend i'm gonna go get shitfaced tonight to forget about my bad day I know it's a stupid reason too, but do ask me if i even care???................... Well i thought about it and it's still definitely a no so yup me and a beer bottle are gonna be good friends today. Well i suppose that's all for now so until next time. Keep your stick on the ice.
Doc A out


well it's been a few

Hey folks what's going on in the old world we choose to call the internet. I'm just sitting here talking to a few people online and listening to some loud angry music(fear factory). Well whatelse is going on as i'm sure most of you either watched or saw that the patriots pulled the win out of there hat to clinch the superbowl(not that i was surprised that they won) i kind of wished philly had won but hey what are you gonna do. I went out and got blitzed for the last three nights and oh boy my liver has been yelling at me for the past few days. The lack of sleep probably hasn't helped much other than when the alcohol has forced me into a sleep enduced coma ya know good stuff don't even remember going to bed but yea somehow i always seem to make it there. I got these good smelling candels today and yea they are awesome. I dont have a whole lot to talk aboot so i suppose i'll actually try to go to sleep sober and see what happens i doubt i will actually get to sleep but hey ya never know. Later
Doc A out.


Well I suppose

Well went out to the field for a few days and yea bored out of my mind which mind you isn't a bad thing because it means that people aren't getting hurt which is definitely a good thing. Well whatelse is going on in the ever exciting life of colin. Lets see here well hmm single as single gets which sucks but i suppose is nice in and about itself. Whatelse I extended here at okinawa japan till my getting out of the navy date, hey it came with a nice bonus so i didn't feel like going someplace else. I'm tired but not tired enough to sleep which definitely sucks horseballs. Oh i wanted to comment and say if you don't like my language on my website well why don't you check out someone else's website eh cause you know what I frankly just don't care. To my compadres in crime Siv, Haines I hope both of you are doing ok out there and I definitely miss hanging out with you guys and doing all the stupid shit that we used to do. To my buddies back home I envy you and all the snow you guys have gotten recently I wish I could get some of that stuff. Hmm whatelse to talk about well nothing overly exciting happening over here in the land of the short people who don't speak my language. Well I suppose i'll try the whole sleep thing. Cinthya I know you def ain't reading this right now but I hope that bootcamp is going well for ya and i miss talking to you. To my big sis Pam thanks again for that lifesaving thing you did for me a couple of days ago it made the difference. Well to everybody else out there. Hi Well Doc A is out of here like a dress on prom night.