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another long day

Well today was rather boring and uneventful other than the fight with the girl. I got really drunk last night at no cost to me which was really sweet. I gotta work again tomorrow which isn't to overly fun. I don't have a whole lot to say other than well nothing I really don't wanna be here anymore and I would give anything to be back in the states. A quot from a song that i really like bout me from blink 182. "I would wish upon a star, but that star it doesn't shine, so read my short story, a short story of a lonely guy." Well that's bout all i gots to say this evening so i'm outte.
Doc A gone like a dress on prom night


well another day

Well lets see here what fun and exciting happened to today in my life well I did absolutely nothing just sat around and collected dust wishing I was back in good ol ny where there is lots of snow right now. I wish I could be running me some ems or being starting my paramedic classes BUT NO i'm still in the US navy. I have exactly 1 year 6 months and 5 days left in this pathetic existance i call the navy life. I shall return to the real world where I can do what I want when I feel like, i'll be able to grow out my goatee and not have to worry bout shaving it. I will just be plain happy again maybe if i'm lucky enough i'll find a girl and i won't have to worry bout losing her because i have to move 3-5 months later because the navy decides hey guess what you get a free ticket to the persian gulf have a good time. Anywho enough of that soap box I believe it is another way that the american government forces communism into peoples life. I do a completely different and somewhat more dangerous job that alot of other navy ratings and yup we all get paided the exact same thing. I really sometimes wonder how the one works out to be fair but I can't question it because if I did I would be considered a "rebel" or a "bad man" and god forbid people go around blabbing there mouths off about something like that. Well anywho i'm gone for today got another fun and exciting day of working and doing absolutely nothing again. WOOO HOOO!!!
Doc is gone.

Well lets see here

Well Folks I suppose it's been a good while since i've even had a post up on this here thingy that would be because my normal site decided it wanted to take a gernade in the server and die on me so I had to go make my own. SO where to start here. Well you like my title catchy eh. If you don't like it well you can rot in hell and die cause you know what i frankly don't give a freakin damn. So it seems we'll fill you in since Christmas day since that was the last time i had a post up. Hmmmm what happened since then well I went on a heart attack call in ny which sucked for the guy but i had a good time other than the 25 mins of cpr i gots to do. I flew back to okinawa on the 29th rather uneventful flight. I met some new people here female types for a while i thought that they didn't exist. Well pretty good friends they come and they go but remember i'll be just a call away. Well i finally fixed my little japper car so it can pass it's gay inspection that it has to pass. So until next time YOUR ALL COMMUNISTS!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA . On a seperate note to all my fellow listeners out there i hope ya all come back to this site and check it out it's going to be improving everyday as i get my edumacation on web writing again. Well for now Doc A is outte.


Well bob i think you hit the right switch

Well it seems to be up and runnin pretty good now which makes me happy. I added a picture as you can see and the two audio things below one is a communist talking and the other one is about my job. Well i'm bored over here in japan if you want to talk to me and your just a random passerbyer by all means shoot me an im if i'm home i'm on AIM so just im me up. Well for now later and don't forget life's a garden. dig it.

My job descprition

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This is my communist war lord

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This is Me in Nyc Lower Manhatten doing what i love to do the most. Posted by Hello