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what you see may not nessicarily be what is really happening

Well as most have read that "iraq is being said to not be in civil war" well yes when i was heading out the door of that country i know damn well they were starting a civil war so for all you politicans out there go fuck yourself because you sit in your lazyboy's doing nothing all day except bitch and complain about bush and the fact of what's going on here did you ever bother to take a look at the bigger picture and realize that maybe it's not about your fat, money grubbing self. There are young men and women out there who is a moment's notice are giving there lives for the better good of what? Yourself? selfish fuck another reason why i'm getting ready to walk out the door of the US navy now don't get me wrong it's been alot of fun in the 5 years i've been in i've meet alot of really cool people who i would go to war with in a second (haines,siv) and then i've met a bunch of people that should just be hit with a bat and left for dead. I'm still here in okinawa japan and you know coming back i thought maybe it won't be so bad i'm getting antsy to get the hell out of here and i realized just how bad of driver's okinawan's really are, it's times like these i wish i had my up armored hmmwv with it's bumper to just hit cars and shoot the rest of them. That's just me call me violent or racist i'm racist i just think that japanese people suck at driving. Anywho on other news i'm going to be getting married here in the near future not exactly sure what the date is yet but me and the soon to be wife are working the details out so i'm sure we'll both come to a conclusion. I know it's been a while since i've written in here so for that i'm sorry i've been busy with the knee getting scoped and such so haven't had much time to do not of anything except droll on myself and play videogames because they don't require to much thought. To my love felicia I love you a whole lot and I miss you like crazy and I can't wait till I can be with you forever. To the rest of my loyal listeners out there thanks again and for anybody in iraq who checks my blog leave me a message with your blog if your a blogger so i can get your addy so i can send you stuff you guys will always be supported by me. LOVE YA GUYS
Doc A signing off
I'm definitely not live in iraq (WooT WooT!!)