Image hosted by Well as us communist unite to take over the world I mean just provide you with good music. Remember that we all have our 15 mins of fame.



zero? hmmm well i enjoy being a zero thanks :) so for whom ever left that comment thanks because it means that i'm the blunt end of all your jokes. Which apparently brings you much joy so please do continue your petty name calling. I'll still be here today and tomorrow regardless.
Doc A signing off


and to respond to the zed comment left on my previous rant

WELL WELL i think i know who wrote this and too you. Nice job I have tears flowing from my eyes from the laugh you just gave me and yea hamlin ambulance eh nice try with that. I'll say this in response because I have a feeling I know who this is. If you want to talk shit come to my face because last i checked neither shawn nor rob got laid and that comes straight from the "herpes" girl's (who by the way is absolutely fucking amazing, and if you only knew what you didn't have that she does, and she does have a name too but i'll keep that out for her sake) mouth who by the way doesn't have herpes were 100% sure of that also i want to know can I get "pancakes" with that. BUT needless to say why don't you grow the fuck up and lose oh i'd say about 100 lbs and take that hidious piece of fucking bulldog jewlery out of your ass for a face. Oh i must also say that i really hope that the other 75 employee's you've supposely slept with gave you herpes because sex for a night is great but last i checked herpes lasts a lifetime. AIN'T THAT BUTTA BITCH! and if it isn't this zed person i think it is well i don't feel sorry because well i hope you stop breeding because we have enough ugly and fucking stupid people in society. IF HOWEVER it is somebody else who "thinks there in hamlin" i'm glad to hear that you have fallen into the level that my 3 year old cousin is at, because well it creates for some good comic level for me and I really (i mean it) honestly appeciate your childish comment.