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A thought in my mind.

Another day passes and yes I know I need to start adding more chapters to this book I call my life. But I really haven't had the ambition too write honestly it's as if my mind is elsewhere, lost confused or just not there. But the one thing I have been thinking about over the past 20-30 minutes as I sit here and listen to the soothing sound of the ambulance idling, is that I owe some thank yous to people. To my family who know who you are so I'm not going to mention any names, Thanks I do mean that sincerely and honestly from the bottom of my heart you guys throughout all the bullshit have stuck by my side no matter what. Came to pick me up when my heart/life was shattered and I went down a path I am not proud to say that I did. Yet throughout all of that I still felt loved, missed and most of all wanted which was something I yearned for more than breathing, or a drink of water. To my close friends; Jesse, Haines, Siv, you guys again proved to me what it is like to have true friends. Jesse when the heart wrenching fighting started you without question were up there to help me and evy get the heck out of dodge with no hesitation or question in your voice. Or to listen when she belittled me about tiny things and I simply needed a voice to vent my frustrations. Haines, when I was in the hospital your face was a sight for sore eyes even with the falling out that you and I had at the time that you were able to put that aside to be there for me and make sure that I was OK and safe. And then in turn help me move and deal with one of the hardest things I have ever been through divorce as you have been down that terrible road yourself. Siv, as always brother the ear that listens and I do appreciate it more than words can describe.

So I have made it back to NY and in case I had not posted so I have officially gotten divorced. I have to say that was by far the hardest thing I have ever or will ever go through, as bad as losing a close friend in combat. A thank you to someone new in my life, who know who you are. Thank you for just being you I am honestly taken back by how sweet and understanding you are with how I compare things from then till now and constantly talk about my past which I'm sure has to bore you at points. I can honestly say thank you, you have helped me cross over hurdles in this short time I can sincerely say I never thought I would again. You have helped me heal my heart slowly yes but a start none the less, it is quite a breath of fresh air. So I have gotten that off my chest I feel better time for a smoke. On that note I bid you all farwell and goodnight as I protect the citizens of Greece,N.Y. against themselves.
Doc A signing off.
P.S.- Evy is doing well and is Fat and sassy