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a day of thought.

So here I sit recovering from a recent knee surgery (from being in the service) and yes to some i am the always to be made fun of or joked about and you know what you do that because well i guess it makes you a better person who's to know. But as I sit here on veteran's day 2007 I want to put out a bit of thanks to a couple of people who well weren't alive for me to thank in person, 1) my grandfather (for which my middle name comes from) Cpl. James Arthur 101st Airborne WW2, and 2) my uncle Sgt Louie Ramsey Unknown Unit U.S. Army Vietnam 1971, killed by Booby Trap 1971. I want to say thank you to both of you who although relative #1 didn't die in combat #2 did and for that i will just say thank you for making the ultimate sacrafice so that the ignorant people in this country can make fun of people. I did my time and yes I don't want a thank you cause well I made it back barely but I still made it back. You ask what do you mean barely well i will say look a this picture up top and I will say I was in this. SO i will end with this remember this give thanks to those who fight for your country before you ridicue them.
Signing off
Doc A
And to those who decide to say what they will because I left paramedic class, well I have this to say to you and you wonder why nobody wants to date you and your not very well liked by a lot of people because you are very ignorant and full of yourself and well I will hopefully not be there the day you kill somebody with your ignorance.