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Ok now this straight pisses me off.
The audacity of some people these days I swear. I mean yea I understand this guy is getting deployed to iraq and yes that's a big deal it doesn't matter who you are. I just want to know why does he have to get a front page article on a website, well quite clearly the answer is because he's a reporter. I know for a fact you don't see the common marine,solider,airmen,sailor getting any articles written about them so why should he? Which brings me to my next point, a journalist hotel gets bombed and it makes the front page of every single news paper in the westernized world but do the reporters ever bother to think about what happens on a day to day basis? how many servicemembers go home injuried or are killed so that way you can make a big deal out of a bombing. Well news flash there reporter people are getting bombed every day so what's the big deal. I know somebody who reads this is like what's the big deal, well i have this to say to you have you ever wished that the news would just once report something positive in the world instead of everything negative or that effects there own life. I mean yes that's society today pleased by the simple bad news that doesn't involve them but yet there so interested in. I want to say this in the last week the city of fallujah in various parts has been mortered 11 times, had 23 ied's go off and 4 VBIED'S go off and you don't see that making the news now do you? Do I or anybody around really care now we just want to go home plain and simple, or as we like to say fuck fallujah.(inside joke) I have to say what IED,VBIED means for you non military types out there or for you stupid fucks in the military we like to call FOBbits yes your deployed over here but you never go anywhere except to the chow hall and back, IED(improvised explosive device), VBIED(vehicle borne Improvised explosive device "very dangerous to vehicles/ground troops") but what would the FOBbits know about something like that? They sit on there base and do nothing all day except waste more government dollars on a lazy country that really doesn't even want us in it. So back to my point that I started this rant with, and just get on with your life you don't need to share it with the genereal public spare us the diginity as the common ground troop so not be embrassed by you. Well for now I will leave on this note aubrianna love you and miss ya and can't wait till that day I can finally meet you. For all you others out there eat oreas and drink milk. Oh in case you wondered what a FOBbit is, FOB stands for forward observing base and FOBbit is someone who never leaves the FOB. There you go and if you read this and your a FOBbit do us all a favor and don't bother thinking your the shit cause unless your out there trying to make a difference your just another number making the government happy. There are 2000 servicemembers who gave there life so you could be safe on your little base. Anywho i'm outta here.
Live from iraq
Doc A signing off
P.S. for the record i'm not on a FOB i'm currently in the city of fallujah making the streets safer.


A thought on my mind

well this post is really isn't going to be a rant persay but that the same time it will. I was sitting outside earlier today and I notice how the masses of iraqi's follow the same time of religion. It's put out through a loud speaker system which supposely is them reading from the koran 5 times a day everyday. Now me personally I don't speak iraqi so i'm screwed to try to understand what they say. Which might I add gets quite annoying i'm sure even some of the iraqi's have to find that annoying at 5 am when there trying to set ied's (improvised explosive devices) and what not on the road. Anywho it just made me think why are we as american's here for the day to day monotony of there lives. I think we should leave and let them sort there problems out thereselves, some of them have the intelligence possibly to make this country right again and maybe even possibly make this country what it was economy wise. Which brought me right into my next though what do I or anybody else get out of this whole "freeing iraq deal" we spend anywhere from 6 months to a year or even more here defending there freedom, not the u.s.a freedom's now i know on recent posts i stated that i defend your freedoms and what not. Well yes I do because I am in the military and can be called on to defend against anybody with ill interests towards the us. I just don't understand I suppose other than i'm being ordered too when I go home that it will really have made a difference in this country somebody is without a mother,father,brother,sister,relative because of other's and my actions. Does that make my job unworthy, no it doesn't it just always makes me ponder what is the greater good that will come out of this conflict because more tombs being placed at arlington national cementary at what cost? I can honestly say this answer I will never know. Lets take a step back in history about 60-65 years or so to WW2. The last great war america as a whole fought in, there were evils that we were fighting not just some country that we thought had WMD's or bad people in them. They were truly disturbed people who wanted nothing more than to rule the whole world they were willing to extingish a whole race of people because they were considered weak not because they had any real reasons just because they weren't arian german's (arian-blonde hair,blue eyes). The japanese now I could see where they attacked other nations they needed resources so once again evil the evil of money has shown it's face for the good of no one. So we get attacked and draw the great american war machine into the long 5 year war that would change history as we know for that time. Mind you the war had been going on for 3 years prior to our entry. Which brings me back to today's military yes alot smaller, but alot of more high tech easier to kill the "bad guy" technology. Which brings me to what i'm getting at here, in the 1980's we trained and armed the afghanistan's so they could fight the russians because they were a communist nation. Also in the 1980's we supplied both iran and iraq with fire arms and knowhow of killing people so they could fight each other in our interests.(our being the US's interests) and then lets skip ahead about 20 years to the present day where I stand currently a war torn and battered iraq. We came here for various reasons yes but people back home wonder why young american's are getting killed. Well did you ever bother to ask our leaders or maybe the previous leaders what was really going on with there millions of tax dollars? No because we as the masses were to busy worrying about our own little pathetic lives and the lives of celebrities that were getting bad mouthed by the press to pay attention to what was going on else where in the world. So I leave you with this note you want trouble teach a foreign nation how to do things and 20 years later it will come back to bite you in the ass. You want to fight a real war, let trouble come looking for you, don't go looking for trouble cause if it wanted you involved it would have pulled you in. Enough said i'm outtta here and i know nobody is going to comment so it's just me rambling on and on again for no particular reason.



Hey folks I know my posts have been getting rather regular lately because i've had alot on my mind lately. I know i'm sure some people have gotten pissed off if they read it but you know that's one of the wonderful things about being a US citizen i can write what I want when i want it's called freedom of speech BITCHES! I defend that right so you know i think i will use it to slander if i so choose. So here i am still in the big sandbox, counting the months till i get out of here which is a little less than 5 by the way. So I suppose that's a good thing cause I get to go back to my better half soon. So i will leave on this note you fuckers who are against the war same on you i know you have your rights and what not but your son died not because he was drafted but because HE CHOSE TO! he died defending your FUCKING right to go out and there and try to slander our president and his decisions, don't be me wrong i don't want to be here just like the next man but i'm doing what my commander and chief tells me to do bottom line. Now mind you the president he's about as usually as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. He is from texas and therefore should be excused on that reason because i've definitely noticed one thing about texans there cocky and alot of them are alot stupidier than the average human. It's like they breed dumb down there anywho i just don't like him cause he thinks he mr billy badass now don't get me wrong some of his ideas are good and what not but did we really need to outst saddam for the reasons that we did WMD's did we find any? Nope surely didn't but he's a bad man and we shall punish him. Oh well I think that the bird flu should just wipe out stupid people and all of the middle east cause they smell and there worthless sacks of shit as far as i'm concerned they can't even kill people right. We had a guy today that tried to bomb us and all he did is get blood all over the iraqi's truck stupid fucker. I bet even the devil is laughing at him going your a stupid fucker. Anywho i'm done for now. I'll fill ya in as the days continue cause I think our internet may go down for a little while soon we shall see. Well for now PEACE BITCHES!
Doc A signing off
live from iraq
P.S. if any material in here offends you in anyway,shape or form. Please comment or call this number 1(800)I DONT CARE thanks have a nice day.


well i'm just in a ranting mood

Well another post I feel is much needed cruised up to baghdad for a couple days, which is all fine and dandy but not to be some colonel's bitch cause you know if you want us to drive all over baghdad in the most dangerous parts well you know what you can fuck yourself. You've had 4 people killed under your command cause you wanted them to go everywhere all the fucking time and quite frankly it's fucking stupid. Your a weak commander and should be hit with a 7.62 in the skull. To you 4 and the 20 or so i'm sorry you have a weak commander, and I hope to the guys of my crew that we can just make it till we leave this freakin place. Anywho on a lighter note i'm back in the house safe and sound and with a big smile on my face cause i like where I live (which for you idiots actually checking this site) NO I'M NOT GOING TO SAY WHERE I AM! so go bother somebody else. Well on another note of much annoyance I had to put on word verification on this site for those or yous that want to post comments cause quite frankly i'm not really interested in getting post on how these certain stocks are going to grow WOOO HOOO! i'm in iraq jackass i really could give two shits about the stock exchange i have more important things like hmmm lets see my life and the life of the guys I work with. So if I ever see you in person you best run cause i'm going to inflict pain on your computer for wasting my webspace. Anywho I feel better now that i've gotten those few things off my chest, I've found a very attractive/sweetheart personality girl from sc we've been talking alot and I look forward to hopefully getting to meet her sometime next year. I am almost done with the navy thing 10 months left WOOOOO!!! well until next time i'm going to jam so to all you readers out there I leave you with this
"go fuck yourself" I'm an asshole, and I support this message. LOL i saw that on a shirt I found it rather funny so if you don't like well read the quote. Anywho I'm outta here
Doc A Signing off
Live from Iraq


well i feel this is a much needed post for the stupidity of man

Well folks here I am again. So i was reading an article on (good site) about the military warning "combat bloggers" that they need to be careful what they put on there blogger site. Well i have this to say on that matter, if your stupid enough to put your unit's location,size, and tactical strengths then you know what you should be attacked cause your just plain fucking stupid and should be hit with the stupid stick several times. I mean yea i understand the reasoning behind that the whole operational security and what not, but some people should just not be allowed to post if there gonna be that stupid. I think a good way to punish them would be shocking them with 1000 volts on there finger tips maybe that'd get the point across to stop being stupid. I know that yes i've said what city i'm in but that's very vague and doesn't really narrow it down to where i'm at and I in no way shape or form post pictures that would show my location. So i say this in closing to the idiots of the military society your dumb and i hope you get attacked cause your stupid enough to share that kind of opsec info than frankly i don't know feel bad for that individual but i do feel bad for his/her unit, cause they get sucked into something somebody else caused. Anywho enough about the stupidity of man and his lack of common sense. I'm outta here.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq