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a mind full...

So I talked with as my mood states "good old ritzy friend" and I got to thinking I wonder why she called me? I hope that she reads this and can provide an answer to it, it also made me wonder what would have happened between us had i not left bethesda when I did would we have stayed together or not. I know most people would say your obsessing over a girl blah blah well maybe I am but i really did care about this girl and well there was something about her that made her different from the rest, one of which being that she is from where i grew up and called home for so long, but just is something that i can't quite think of how to put words too. I remember when i was playing oasis wonderwall on rockband and my roommate asked me when i told him about her putting this on a cd for when i left for oki, you really cared about her didn't ya dude? I said yea and still do she is the one girl I would drop everything for. I guess I end this by saying I really wonder if we were ever meant to be and what are her thoughts on the whole situation to be honest? Well for now i'm going to sit here and ponder.
I just need to get this off my chest cause well it's been on my mind all week.
Anywho nothing really new and exciting here just decided to start to post a little more regularly, and for the record college is off to a roaring start and frankly I think i'm doing pretty good in it. It is only the first week but i'm maintaining an A average currently between all my classes so I can't complain to overly much. Well for now I'm out of here
Doc A Signing off,
P.S. to the "ritzy girl" I don't think your truly ritzy but it is rather entertaining to get the good old battle going between us about where we lived and such.


here i am

So i was talking to good friend tonight on the phone, who still holds a place in me little heart what's left of my heart these days, I am doing well down here and starting school and what not. I figured that i should put a little post up here giving people an update of what is going in my little life. I am persuin a degree in psychology which i hope to long term help out vets and what not but for now i'm going to go do nothing and continue to talk to the ritzy friend on the phone. Also I forgot to add I got a new tattoo on my left calf I don't know if wrote this before so if i did i'm sorry but it says
"freedom is a price the free will never understand"
Doc A Signing off


The move

Where to begin I guess would be the question at hand here? I have recently moved to arizona as of about oh 2-3 days ago( freaking longest car ride I think i've ever done) 34 hours of drive time. Anywho, I am here with a brother from the service and glad that his wife and him have allowed me to stay here till I can get on my feet. In other news I am single again, unfortunate yes but I think for the better and no i'm not here to shit talk just say this.. It's unfortunate it had to end the way it did but i do believe that it is for the better for both parties involved. I do have a kitty I don't think i've put that into any recent posts. The kitties name is evy she is 1 3/4 year old tortise shell and is my video game buddy and yes she made the 34 hour drive with me. Anywho other than that not a whole lot going on just trying to find a job and such. So for now i'm going to go lie in my bed and just think about random nothingness.
Doc A