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so yea today fucking sucked

Well what a start to a day I could tell it was going to be off to roaring bad start. I woke up later then I wanted too which of course pushed everything back for me getting to work when I wanted too. Then I get to work and yea basically have my entire shift fucked over cause well poor planning on the management side of the house glad to see people almost attempt to use there fucking brain. I have to ask on that note how some people are exceptions to the rules well others are under a fucking microscope? I don't fucking know but it really urks me and just makes me want to go WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!!! then my day well the morning was alright didn't do anything. Had in my opinion a paramedic that frankly i really wish i didn't have to work with again because well he was just a plain prick. Then I get my day all screwed up in the afternoon by the operations chief because well his management staff did another fucking wonderful job of screwing my shift up. So i finally got on with a good paramedic who i do truly enjoy working with. Which made the day somewhat better I suppose I just want this "training" and see how i put the quotes there to be over with. because honestly there method of training is ludacris and stupid in my opinion do i have a way to fix it. The answer to that question would be no but still something needs to be done. The only redeeming factor is that I get paid for other people idiotiacy regardless. Thank god for that. On that note i'm fucking done. I'm going to drink a beer and relax.


well then

well here i sit in my "room" of sorts if you want to call it that. it's really the basement in the house. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't bad because it's downstairs and well i can be by myself without interuptions which is nice. I'm back home in the good ol ny and it's nice running ems with hamlin. I start my new job tomorrow at monroe ambulance looking forward to that other than what is already starting to happen to my body of just not sleeping again. I'm on the meat market(single) as people call it these days and honestly am not really rushing into anything as of the moment just till i get my head screwed on straight since I know these next few months will be rather interesting with the job and school and such starting really soon. There is one thing on my mind that I do need to get off my chest that's well been bothering me for a while and it needs to be stopped. How is it that somebody can just as quick as they were something in your life just fade out to nothing now some people may ask who is this person well they know who they are and if you assume that your the person well your just making an ass out of yourself so don't even think that. I've decided to just be the quiet guy that everybody just breezes by without noticing to overly much and honestly I kind of like it. There are certain people how ever with my new stance that feel as if i'm threathening to them and I have to honestly ask a) how in the fuck can you think that?? and b)grow the fuck up just because i'm not talking to you doesn't mean that I don't like you as a friend maybe I just don't feel like talking and honestly I don't have to have a reason to not talk to you other than just I don't feel like it. On that note what else is a going on well this whole joke of the election season I find it quite comical how all these so called politicians slander each other and then want us to vote for them. why in god's name would i want to vote for somebody who can't tell me what they really want to do with my state if elected and b have nothing better to do than waste 40 of my seconds with a commerical that slanders there opponent. I honestly say who gives a fuck if your good at your job which some are and some aren't then you shouldn't need to say anything other than hey i'm running for this office and this is my party affiliation. But i'm just another person in society who's voice isn't big enough to matter and I definitely don't have enough cash to flash to tell them to shut the fuck up so I suppose i'll just sit in my little town and grumble at all the idiots we elect these days and call our leaders. On another note more or less on this topic let me devulge into america as a whole there is one thing that reared it's ugly head quite nicely while I was in the service, and that being just how ignorant America really is and how much we take things for granted. I really wish that people could see how the other countries are run or how our country is truly run and then maybe just maybe they would pull there head out of there ass and realize that they can have a say. BUT NOOOO instead everybody and there grandmother would rather just bitch about how bad everything is instead of doing something about it. I suppose for this evening I am done ranting but sometimes I really wish that killing stupid and useless people was legal. My list would include the entire state of md and nj and well va and hmm iraq and where else parts of the city of rochester and parts of nyc. Now for you fucks out there that are reading this and going OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS GOING TO KILL ALL THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!! open your fucking eyes and realize that this is just me typing i have no REAL intent of killing anybody. just me bitching so if you don't like that well get the fuck off my rant and go bitch to somebody who cares.
Anywho i'm outta here for the evening.
Formally known as Doc A signing off,
P.S. in case i forgot to mention it I'm no longer in the U.S. Navy


well it's definitely been a REALLY long time

Well what to talk about?? HMMMMM well i guess i could start with the tidbits of good news I am no longer active duty in the U.S. Navy and honestly it feels kind of weird to not be but i'm glad i'm not, the other tidbit of good news I finally got my NYS EMT-D card so i'm certified nationally as well as in the state of ny, which is sweet. On the unfortunate bad news side of the house I lost my love felicia and honestly if she was to ask me to take her back i would most definitely say yes in a heart beat, is that probably the best thing for both of us to do I couldn't honestly answer that but I still love her with all my heart and it's hard to even be away from her. But that's my issue so i will leave the book sealed for only her's and my eyes. SO for now i'm going to sign off.
Doc A outta here back in ny


what you see may not nessicarily be what is really happening

Well as most have read that "iraq is being said to not be in civil war" well yes when i was heading out the door of that country i know damn well they were starting a civil war so for all you politicans out there go fuck yourself because you sit in your lazyboy's doing nothing all day except bitch and complain about bush and the fact of what's going on here did you ever bother to take a look at the bigger picture and realize that maybe it's not about your fat, money grubbing self. There are young men and women out there who is a moment's notice are giving there lives for the better good of what? Yourself? selfish fuck another reason why i'm getting ready to walk out the door of the US navy now don't get me wrong it's been alot of fun in the 5 years i've been in i've meet alot of really cool people who i would go to war with in a second (haines,siv) and then i've met a bunch of people that should just be hit with a bat and left for dead. I'm still here in okinawa japan and you know coming back i thought maybe it won't be so bad i'm getting antsy to get the hell out of here and i realized just how bad of driver's okinawan's really are, it's times like these i wish i had my up armored hmmwv with it's bumper to just hit cars and shoot the rest of them. That's just me call me violent or racist i'm racist i just think that japanese people suck at driving. Anywho on other news i'm going to be getting married here in the near future not exactly sure what the date is yet but me and the soon to be wife are working the details out so i'm sure we'll both come to a conclusion. I know it's been a while since i've written in here so for that i'm sorry i've been busy with the knee getting scoped and such so haven't had much time to do not of anything except droll on myself and play videogames because they don't require to much thought. To my love felicia I love you a whole lot and I miss you like crazy and I can't wait till I can be with you forever. To the rest of my loyal listeners out there thanks again and for anybody in iraq who checks my blog leave me a message with your blog if your a blogger so i can get your addy so i can send you stuff you guys will always be supported by me. LOVE YA GUYS
Doc A signing off
I'm definitely not live in iraq (WooT WooT!!)


To work I go UGH!

I will be heading back to okinawa for 5 months or so here in a couple of days and I will say I enjoyed every single day of my leave to the fulliest. I am definitely leaving someone behind who i will miss very dearly and can't wait to get back too. I hope she does decide to move to ny so we can have an awesome relationship together. I love you felicia very much so and yes I still have some growing up to do please know that I want you in my life and have every intent of keeping you in my life as long as you can stand me :-p To all you others around there especially my bro out in the sunny desert of az I plan on taking a week in april time frame to come visit you just so you know so i'll keep you posted but we'll definitely have a grand old time. What else to my friends here in good ol hamlin/brockport ny I will miss you guys but know i'll be back soon for good this time, hopefully with my lovely fiancee in tow(i mean that in a good way :-) and we'll have some good ol times). To you chumps at hamlin ambulance I hope you'll be able to pick up the slack of me being gone while i'm gone but know i'll be back now i may not be around as much because like it says above hopefully my better half will be up here in ny with me but time shall tell, just know i'll always be around and hopefully either pick up the 2M-34 spot from cody or the 2M-24 spot from colleen. Well for now folks I'm outta here I will be enjoying my last day of being a lazy bum and love every minute of it other than the fact that I am alone(not technically but i'm missing my beautiful other half felicia). Just a thought I want to share GOD I LOVE HER!!! and i'm OOOOOOOHH SO IN LOVE WITH HER!!! and nobody can change my thought on that so if you have problems well i have this to say cry me a river build a bridge and get over it because she is in my life to stay.
Doc A Signing off
That's right i'm no longer live from iraq, this is definitely a NY broadcast.


Is it possible most would say no I know otherwise

Here I am in iraq in baghdad and i'm wearing more gear here than I would be back home cold weather wise. Some ask is that possible in a desert well i'm here to tell you HELL YES! My hands yes they go numb if you don't cover them and the ears start bitching because of the wind well here I wait for my flight out of this god forsaken excuse for a"not third world country" I really have started to dislike this place a whole lot and am more than glad to get out of here. There is however a part of me that wishes I hadn't the medic in me goes what are you doing dude? You still have your guys out there and yes mind you they have another medic you know them better than anybody else our happy little dysfunctional family and our trucks that always had something wrong with them. AH yes the good ol days I know i'm not home yet but guys for me PLEASE be careful I don't want to find out one of you didn't make it home and there was something I could have done to make a difference, otherwise I'm outta here for now this should be my last entry live from iraq.
Doc A signing off
(to you a bid a farewell and a middle finger iraq FUCK YOU I'M OUT!)


oh yes to the land of the big px I come

Well on some good news here in about 9 days I start my process of getting out of iraq. I can't wait rather unexpected news I suppose because I was figuring on being here till march/ april time frame but i'm not going to complain cutting the tour short at 5 months. I get to go home to good ol ny and there better be snow on the ground DAMN IT! I get to drive me truck I can't wait for that I haven't driven here in going on two years. I get to finally meet miss felicia and I am really looking forward to that a day that has long been waiting to come. I think I might have to fly back to okinawa first which honestly is quite stupid but who's to know I'm trying to work the leave thing so as soon as I touch down in the states I go on leave. We'll see what the asshole chief says if he does say anything at all. Anywho for now i'm outta here on a mission for the night not really sure what it is maybe to go fix something who's to know. Well felicia i love you very much. 8 days and a wake up.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq (not much longer)