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Is it possible most would say no I know otherwise

Here I am in iraq in baghdad and i'm wearing more gear here than I would be back home cold weather wise. Some ask is that possible in a desert well i'm here to tell you HELL YES! My hands yes they go numb if you don't cover them and the ears start bitching because of the wind well here I wait for my flight out of this god forsaken excuse for a"not third world country" I really have started to dislike this place a whole lot and am more than glad to get out of here. There is however a part of me that wishes I hadn't the medic in me goes what are you doing dude? You still have your guys out there and yes mind you they have another medic you know them better than anybody else our happy little dysfunctional family and our trucks that always had something wrong with them. AH yes the good ol days I know i'm not home yet but guys for me PLEASE be careful I don't want to find out one of you didn't make it home and there was something I could have done to make a difference, otherwise I'm outta here for now this should be my last entry live from iraq.
Doc A signing off
(to you a bid a farewell and a middle finger iraq FUCK YOU I'M OUT!)


oh yes to the land of the big px I come

Well on some good news here in about 9 days I start my process of getting out of iraq. I can't wait rather unexpected news I suppose because I was figuring on being here till march/ april time frame but i'm not going to complain cutting the tour short at 5 months. I get to go home to good ol ny and there better be snow on the ground DAMN IT! I get to drive me truck I can't wait for that I haven't driven here in going on two years. I get to finally meet miss felicia and I am really looking forward to that a day that has long been waiting to come. I think I might have to fly back to okinawa first which honestly is quite stupid but who's to know I'm trying to work the leave thing so as soon as I touch down in the states I go on leave. We'll see what the asshole chief says if he does say anything at all. Anywho for now i'm outta here on a mission for the night not really sure what it is maybe to go fix something who's to know. Well felicia i love you very much. 8 days and a wake up.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq (not much longer)