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well hey again

Sitting here on leave bored out me mind which isn't a bad thing cause it's 10 days away from daddy a.k.a. chief three more months and he's gone and we got our new chief which will be pretty bad ass cause he's the type of chief i liked working with at my last command. Listening me to some good ol 311 i love these guys i can never get enough of them. What else is going on in the world of colin well i "should" be getting a visitor here maybe in a month or two it will be good to see her again regardless of what may happen fun will be had by all parties involved. WOOOOO! anywho well i don't gots a whole lot to write about so i'm out for now laters.
Doc A outta here.


well i suppose it can get better

Well shot down again by another chic who i was interested in, I seem to be too good of friends with all the chic's i'm interested in to even have a shot at getting anywhere with them which sucks but i suppose is a good thing too because i have people to hang out with. I'm over here at the firehouse standing duty as I type this right now and boy is it boring I wish that we could get a call or something cause i'm bored out of my freaking mind over here. I'm glad that my sis got her good news hopefully she gets to see her man her real soon. I hope that I will be able to enjoy my leave that is just around the corner and maybe get lucky WHO knows cause i seem to just be walking around sticking my foot in my mouth which sucks but hey such is life sometimes. Oh well less than 24 hours to go of boredom(more than likely) and i'll have a day off OH YES that's right I get to lay around and do absoluetly nothing it will be definitely a great thing I don't have to give smallpox shots I don't have to deal with my chief(who is really pushing getting a swift kick in the ass). I will just mill around and collect dust play video games and watch movies ain't nothing wrong with that so until next remember, no matter how bad life sucks and things get you down there is always a good day somewhere in your future. Life is to short to go about pouting and be unhappy with yourself hey every once in a while is cool. But smile I always try to even if i've had a absolutely shitty day cause hey it's always gonna get worse before it gets better. So keep your stick on the ice.
Doc A outta here
P.S. Siv i haven't forgotten about you i've just been busy so i'm SORRY that the fat kid joke offended you but you a big kid i'm sure you'll get over it. LATERS.


Well hey this is pissin me off now

Hey folks whats good in the hood??? Well i gotta say WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT OVER!!! on a certain situation in my life right now i wish i could just get the truth instead of this damn game playing that is going on right now, it's closing on april 4th REAL quick like and i still have no answer from you and i would really like one cause i'm getting sick and tired of playing tag with you. Anywho enough of that another week done and over with at work thank god i'm getting a new car i'll post some pictures up here when i get it all taken care of, which reminds me how much of a headache that was just to get the process started to get it taken care of. Anywho what else is going on around here lets see not a whole lot which i suppose is a good thing so umm just livin life counting down the days till i'm done in this hellhole people call okinawa. HMMMMM i'm taking me some leave this month hopefully it will be in ny i'm undecided on weather or not i wanna go home or just stay here so we'll see, i'll make that decision when time comes around. Surprise the parents hehe that would be funny what else is going on. Umm i should be picking up HM3 here in a few weeks whenever the results come out which will be sweet. I'm doing pretty good at this command possibility of me going back to the big sandbox again which i'm not to thrilled aboot but eh what ya gonna do i'm in the navy so i guess i gotta deal with it. Well I suppose I shall write more sometime in the future so until then. I'm out like the fat kid in gym class.
Doc A(eightball) outta here