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hmm a good note to add

Well friday I got the whole frocking ceramony done which was pretty freakin sweet. I went out that nite and got blitzed out me mind as i usually do on a friday but oh boy did i pay the price remind me never again to mix budweiser E , budweiser,and jack and cokes and 7 jello shots in a row bad outcome such as waking up with a not pleasant headache. But it was all fun hangin out with the guys, as you can see the girl situation over here is way less than favorable. Hmm whatelse is going on well went out to the field for a week yea that was utterly boring all i did was smoke,eat and sleep. OH and on a good note i did quit the smoking thing finally so i'm pretty happy bout that one as well. What else is going on well no word as of yet on weather or not i'm going to the big sandbox I guess I shall find out on tuesday or wednesday eh who knows ya know. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm well just sitting here listening to some modest mouse killin time before the halo tourney which i hope we win cause there is 125 dollars with my name on it if so WOOT WOOT. umm still wishing i had an awesome girl over here I could go spend my days with and do to whatever her and my heart's desire but here I am alone and bored of this stinkin island. Oh well on that note i'm off like a well something that goes off. POOF
doc A (hm3 type) outta here.


well pretty much set in stone

Well on a great GREAT note today I FINALLY picked up HM3 which i'm freakin happier than you can believe about it only took almost 4 years in the service to finally get that. WOOO HOOO!!!! working on the g/f type situation and course it comes with perfect timing. I'm also pretty much set in stone heading to the "sandbox" next month which i'm not to excited aboot but hey what are you gonna do ya know it's only a 6-9 month order so hey i'll make some money well i'm over there anywho for now i'm out. I'll fill ya all in when i get details.
Doc A signin off.


well bored as usual

Yea it's the 12th of may and here I sit bored out me mind at the firehouse, the land of dead. We never get any calls except for bullshit fire alarms all the other districts get cool calls but not us. OH WELL what are you to do. I'm finally get paided the right amt of money again thank god for that about freakin time ya know I was sick and tired of not getting paided because SOMEBODY screwed up, just need to pay the ol' bills off and put myself on cruise control while i'm here. I'm currently listening to blink 182(not because i'm depressed)(usually my depressing music), just felt like some blink. On another note just got done watching band of brother's excellent mini series Kudos to HBO and steven speilburg/tom hanks for putting that together awesome job. Hmmm what else is going on I can finally see an end nearin to my time in the military as I approach my time next year Sept 18th 2006, D-day for Mr. Arthur I will be a civilian again and sometimes it scares me I don't know why but i've gotten used to a way of life and i'm going to be starting my life all over again, don't get me wrong I want out but i'm wondering how my transition will go. I know it will take time with the things i've seen and all my friends asking questions, I say this unless you've been in mine or my brother's in arms shoes there is nothing I can tell you that will make you truly understand how we function what we do. I don't do the job because I want to be a hero cause quite frankly hero's get killed. I do it for the guy next to me because him and I have shed blood together he has earned the right to be called my brother. To my brother's haines and siv. If you two decide to stay hey good on you both your both excellent sailors/doc's and let nobody tell you otherwise, I do however sincerely hope we keep in touch and get together and chill like old times. I miss hanging out with you guys I in my mind have lost two brothers and there are days I feel lost because I don't have you two around. :-\ Well on that note I suppose I shall sit here and be bored senseless in the firehouse, so until next time remember, i'll be here and remember help is never far away.
Doc A signin off.


hey what's going on

Well it's rather interesting at work these days only two of the worker bees are there which kind of sucks but eh what ya gonna do. What i wouldn't give for one good night's sleep I tell ya this no sleep thing definitely gettin old. I found out that me truck is getting the rents problem so i'll need to go back here in the somewhat near future to fix her up cause I know she just misses her owner which I understand. What else is goin on in the pathetic excuse people call life. Sitting here listening to trapt wondering why i hadn't bought this cd sooner pretty darn good cd I tell ya. what else hmmmm daddy leaves in less than two months (if you don't know who daddy is read some of my previous posts). I know that he's a good guy but sometimes he needs a good beatin with a wet noodle. or as they say in narc, "how bout option 2. you give us the money or we beat you like a baby fuckin seal" (narc is a good game for xbox) Yea definitely been playing that game some and xbox alot kickin ass in halo 2 I am one of the better players in this barracks I will reach out on that one and say that. Well I suppose until next time remember george bush needs to go back to high school to learn how to read and write. (further details later) And I really could use a fresh bottle of yuengling. I do indeed miss that beer MMM MMM GOOD!!!
Well until next time to all my corpsman buddies (remember to say the S lol) hope your doing well out there.
Doc A OUTTA here
P.S. - Vote for pedro.


Well a little story here and something that US corpsman live by

CorpsmanIn August of 1942,
the first major USMC assault landings against the Japanese Empire occurred in the Solomon Islands, Pacific. The island chosen for the invasion was Guadalcanal.As they moved inland, four Marines were walking point into the jungle. Advancing into an open area without cover, they came under heavy fire from the entrenched Japanese. All four Marines were wounded but managed to crawl into a shell crater, about fifty yards from where they had emerged from the jungle.A Hospital Corpsman ran from cover into the crater with the wounded Marines, and ran back to cover, under fire. Having dressed the wounds of the Marine, he sprinted back for another, only this time he was hit. Not stopping to dress his own wounds, he carried the second Marine to cover receiving a second wound. After giving aid to the Marine, the Corpsman was hit for a third time going into the crater. Staggering toward the treeline with the third Marine, he was again struck by enemy fire.When the third Marine's wounds were dressed, the Corpsman started after the last Marine in the crater. The Corpsman still had not stopped to care for his own wounds. In a final valiant effort, he stumbled toward the crater, where he was brought down by concentrated enemy machine gun fire. He lunged forward into the crater falling across the fourth Marine, finally giving up his life.Reaching up to his own bleeding wounds, the Marine wrote on the back of the Corpsman's bullet riddled shirt,
This was that dying Marine's final tribute to his shipmate's supreme sacrifice in fulfilling his oath, "TO AID THE WOUNDED, IN THEIR MOMENT OF NEED."
A Corpsman's Prayer
Grant me, oh Lord, for the coming events;Enough knowledge to cope and some plain common sense.Be at our side on those nightly patrols;And be merciful judging our vulnerable souls.Make my hands steady and as sure as a rock;when the others go down with a wound or in shock.Let me be close, when they bleed in the mud;With a tourniquet handy to save precious blood.Here in the jungle, the enemy near;Even the corpsman can't offer much lightness and cheer.Just help me, oh Lord, to save lives when I can;Because even out there is merit in man.If It's Your will, make casualties light;And don't let any die in the murderous night.These are my friends I'm trying to save;They are frightened at times, but You know they are brave.Let me not fail when they need so much;But to help me serve with a compassionate touch.Lord, I'm no hero -- my job is to heal;And I want You to know Just how helpless I feel.Bring us back safely to camp with dawn;For too many of us are already gone.Lord bless my friends If that's part of your plan;And go with us tonight, when we go out again.
Author Unknown