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word bitches

Hey what's going on around these parts eh??? It's gettin FREAKIN hot out here in okinawa japan which I suppose is a nice thing but sucks for us thick blooded northerner's who only know snow and cold. Well suppose I can't complain it's beats iraq that's for damn sure. What else is a goin on in here umm yes still hating my roommate that hasn't changed I'm over sleeping my alarm so not to self make sure you buy a new alarm clock this next paycheck or something along those lines. I need one that would literally wake up the dead or maybe I need to just sneak a cat in here that would wake me up by meowing at me because it was her feeding time. Well i know the cat thing isnt gonna happen so eh what ya gonna do. What else lets see I wish somebody that reads this would fill me in on what is going on around the hockey world. Is there or isn't there going to be a hockey season this year??? I would like to know so i can plan on catching a game whenever it it I do get to go home to good ol ny again. Well folks I suppose for now i'm off to go fight people with my bowstaff cause I have skills in that.
Doc A out



Well got back from wake island on friday (other than the plane ride) had an excellent time i will say a week off to do nothing really work for a couple of hours and then just chill out for the rest of the time it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!! well on another note as you saw before that I had quit smoking well i'm almost done with the patches so i'm pretty stoked about that cause these things are gettin annoying let me tell you. I gotta go back to work tommorrow which sucks but eh oh well. I have to put this out there because this is my site to rant so if this individual reads it oh well i don't give a fuck. I hate my roommate with a flying passion gettins on my freakin nerves let me tell you I come back from wake and all my food is eaten which I wasn't happy about and he just assumes that he is gonna get a ride to where ever he needs to go and that he can just use my phone whenever the fuck he wants well I got a news flash for ya buddy my niceness is about to smack you in the face and get real ugly real FREAKIN quick!!! Anywho enough about that I suppose I'll get out of here for now I'm glad to be back but at the same time I wish that I was still out there because it was so much easier to deal with no rain and really sunny days a heck of alot easier than this shit hole island people call okinawa.
Well Doc A outta here!


hiddy-ho neighbors

Well hey folks i'm back again and now I have my special someone :-) i'm finally happy first time in about 9 months long time awaited yea much needed stressor out of my life I suppose. Well anywho I found out today that my sandbox order so I don't have to worry about going to down the line. So i'm enjoying the priviledge of being an e-4 now i have still yet to get paided as an e-4 but hey it will all come soon enough. What else is going on summer is around here on the island of okinawa. Were getting all these new mother fuckers here in 1st Stinger battery its quite funny got me a slew of new cd's system of the down(mesmorize),oasis(forget the name),dmb(stand up),coldplay(x&y),mudyane,limp bizkit. Well def enjoying the new tunes relaxing to some cold play right now Well for now I suppose for now i'm out so until next time.
Doc A outta here.