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hi there

Well folks as you can see it's been a good while since I've put a post up here so I decided I would throw a post up here. Well it is closing in on the holiday's 4 more days till christmas and a week and a half or so till christmas both of which will be spent here in iraq. I wanted to also let anybody who reads this and thinks i'm single, Well I have news to post on that issue I have a WONDERFUL g/f who is caring,awesome and just damn sexy. I can't wait to go home to finally kiss her and hold her in my arms. Felicia I lovvveee you!!! *mwah* In other news I have hopefully if everything works out well less than 100 days left here before I get to go home for 30 days and a little over 8 months left in the navy till I am done with my active duty contract. Oh you have no idea how much I can't wait to get out of the navy and get on with my life and hopefully move to pa, hoping of course that felicia wants me too and get started with college. Well to all you people out there that actually read this I wish you all a merry christmas. I wish I could be home to enjoy mine but I have a job to do so I shall do it to the best of my ability. Well for now I'm outta here. Felicia again I love you very much and I miss you a whole lot.
Doc A Signing off
Live from Iraq
P.S. owen if you read this let me know what the prices are going to be so I can make sure pops takes the cashola out for it. Thanks bro.


will this day ever end.

Well today started off definitely on the wrong foot as just gone down hill steeply all day hopefully someone will get on soon and raise my spirits some. I found out this morning I have a particular thing wrong with my body which was the bad news for the day. I then knowing this bad news had to drive around all day doing stupid shit nearly getting hit which just didn't help. I sleep worse than I ever have before I don't know what is wrong with my body but I can not get it to fall asleep before 2 am at all no matter what I do. I wake up at 7:30 everyday to the same old shit that I left the night before. I'm sick and tired of my weak chain of command it's just getting on my nerves that I have nobody over here that has any balls attached to them to stand up for something that they think is wrong. I find it just ridiculously stupid and dumb but me being the lowest ranking guy in my all I can do is take it smile and go on about my day. So today in conclusion SUCKED! no and's if's or but's about it nothing good thus far at 745 pm has come out of this day. I wish I could just erase this day and start over from the beginning. Well for now I suppose I'll listen to some tunes and call it a day at some point. So until tomorrow i'm off to nothingness.
doc A signing off
Live from iraq.


interesting turn of events recently

well I find this rather amuzin and good all in the same stroke. I am at my new location and I started talking to a particular individual that as time progressed I started to like more and more, or as I like to say my type of girl. Great smile,eyes, personality, body ya know all the requirement guys like to have meow. The cool part is that I actually got the balls to tell her how I felt now you may ask who is this person what is her name. Well I don't know if she wants this information disclosed so I shall for now leave it a mystery and if you don't like that well go pound sand. Anywho in other news me old man(dad) turned a year older yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! I also just about completed my christmas shopping for this year in iraq for my parents at home. I want to get this certain individual a christmas present but I don't know what she really would like so i'm wondering what would be good I can't pull a classic Colin Surprise so that's out. DAMN IT! meh oh well i guess i'll just have to ask and see what kind of response I get. I know this individual may read this so BLAH MEOW! Otherwise life is good i suppose got a siren on me truck here so it's nice and makes lots-o-noise. I'm going to go to bed now I didn't get to talk to who I wanted too :0(
Doc A signing off live from Iraq.


communist seal beatin monkies

I just like that title so I put it up there cause well you know look at my title. I am now up at my new base and man does it suck I drive myself crazy just being bored. IT SUCKS!!!! well anywho i had a decent thanksgiving dinner so that was cool. What else is going on yes it's just a few days after thanksgiving and i'm in iraq and I have ALL of my christmas shopping done isn't that great you have got to love the internet. On another note I found out that I may be able to fly home to ft.drum with my team which would be sweet since you know home is rochester ny. Anywho more to follow in the next couple of days just wanted to put this post up here. Anywho.
Doc Eightball
live from Iraq.


i'm here but i'm there

Well folks decided to pop my head in see what's going on. Not a whole lot we've moved to a new base, last night was rather interesting 2 hr firefight with the "bad guys" because it's the end of the holy month so there all either high or drunk so we had to go break up the fight because they were shooting at the iraqi policemen. Lets see what else exciting happened umm NOTHING we drove to fallujah today WOOO how not exciting. I got to play with marine corps frogs which I was happy about cause there old and leaky and just better than driving. For those of you who don't know what a frog is (it's a CH-46 seaknight) it's a helo. Anywho not a whole lot going on just getting ready for the second round of elections. So until next time PEACE and AXLE GREASE.
Doc A signing off
live from iraq


Ok now this straight pisses me off.
The audacity of some people these days I swear. I mean yea I understand this guy is getting deployed to iraq and yes that's a big deal it doesn't matter who you are. I just want to know why does he have to get a front page article on a website, well quite clearly the answer is because he's a reporter. I know for a fact you don't see the common marine,solider,airmen,sailor getting any articles written about them so why should he? Which brings me to my next point, a journalist hotel gets bombed and it makes the front page of every single news paper in the westernized world but do the reporters ever bother to think about what happens on a day to day basis? how many servicemembers go home injuried or are killed so that way you can make a big deal out of a bombing. Well news flash there reporter people are getting bombed every day so what's the big deal. I know somebody who reads this is like what's the big deal, well i have this to say to you have you ever wished that the news would just once report something positive in the world instead of everything negative or that effects there own life. I mean yes that's society today pleased by the simple bad news that doesn't involve them but yet there so interested in. I want to say this in the last week the city of fallujah in various parts has been mortered 11 times, had 23 ied's go off and 4 VBIED'S go off and you don't see that making the news now do you? Do I or anybody around really care now we just want to go home plain and simple, or as we like to say fuck fallujah.(inside joke) I have to say what IED,VBIED means for you non military types out there or for you stupid fucks in the military we like to call FOBbits yes your deployed over here but you never go anywhere except to the chow hall and back, IED(improvised explosive device), VBIED(vehicle borne Improvised explosive device "very dangerous to vehicles/ground troops") but what would the FOBbits know about something like that? They sit on there base and do nothing all day except waste more government dollars on a lazy country that really doesn't even want us in it. So back to my point that I started this rant with, and just get on with your life you don't need to share it with the genereal public spare us the diginity as the common ground troop so not be embrassed by you. Well for now I will leave on this note aubrianna love you and miss ya and can't wait till that day I can finally meet you. For all you others out there eat oreas and drink milk. Oh in case you wondered what a FOBbit is, FOB stands for forward observing base and FOBbit is someone who never leaves the FOB. There you go and if you read this and your a FOBbit do us all a favor and don't bother thinking your the shit cause unless your out there trying to make a difference your just another number making the government happy. There are 2000 servicemembers who gave there life so you could be safe on your little base. Anywho i'm outta here.
Live from iraq
Doc A signing off
P.S. for the record i'm not on a FOB i'm currently in the city of fallujah making the streets safer.


A thought on my mind

well this post is really isn't going to be a rant persay but that the same time it will. I was sitting outside earlier today and I notice how the masses of iraqi's follow the same time of religion. It's put out through a loud speaker system which supposely is them reading from the koran 5 times a day everyday. Now me personally I don't speak iraqi so i'm screwed to try to understand what they say. Which might I add gets quite annoying i'm sure even some of the iraqi's have to find that annoying at 5 am when there trying to set ied's (improvised explosive devices) and what not on the road. Anywho it just made me think why are we as american's here for the day to day monotony of there lives. I think we should leave and let them sort there problems out thereselves, some of them have the intelligence possibly to make this country right again and maybe even possibly make this country what it was economy wise. Which brought me right into my next though what do I or anybody else get out of this whole "freeing iraq deal" we spend anywhere from 6 months to a year or even more here defending there freedom, not the u.s.a freedom's now i know on recent posts i stated that i defend your freedoms and what not. Well yes I do because I am in the military and can be called on to defend against anybody with ill interests towards the us. I just don't understand I suppose other than i'm being ordered too when I go home that it will really have made a difference in this country somebody is without a mother,father,brother,sister,relative because of other's and my actions. Does that make my job unworthy, no it doesn't it just always makes me ponder what is the greater good that will come out of this conflict because more tombs being placed at arlington national cementary at what cost? I can honestly say this answer I will never know. Lets take a step back in history about 60-65 years or so to WW2. The last great war america as a whole fought in, there were evils that we were fighting not just some country that we thought had WMD's or bad people in them. They were truly disturbed people who wanted nothing more than to rule the whole world they were willing to extingish a whole race of people because they were considered weak not because they had any real reasons just because they weren't arian german's (arian-blonde hair,blue eyes). The japanese now I could see where they attacked other nations they needed resources so once again evil the evil of money has shown it's face for the good of no one. So we get attacked and draw the great american war machine into the long 5 year war that would change history as we know for that time. Mind you the war had been going on for 3 years prior to our entry. Which brings me back to today's military yes alot smaller, but alot of more high tech easier to kill the "bad guy" technology. Which brings me to what i'm getting at here, in the 1980's we trained and armed the afghanistan's so they could fight the russians because they were a communist nation. Also in the 1980's we supplied both iran and iraq with fire arms and knowhow of killing people so they could fight each other in our interests.(our being the US's interests) and then lets skip ahead about 20 years to the present day where I stand currently a war torn and battered iraq. We came here for various reasons yes but people back home wonder why young american's are getting killed. Well did you ever bother to ask our leaders or maybe the previous leaders what was really going on with there millions of tax dollars? No because we as the masses were to busy worrying about our own little pathetic lives and the lives of celebrities that were getting bad mouthed by the press to pay attention to what was going on else where in the world. So I leave you with this note you want trouble teach a foreign nation how to do things and 20 years later it will come back to bite you in the ass. You want to fight a real war, let trouble come looking for you, don't go looking for trouble cause if it wanted you involved it would have pulled you in. Enough said i'm outtta here and i know nobody is going to comment so it's just me rambling on and on again for no particular reason.



Hey folks I know my posts have been getting rather regular lately because i've had alot on my mind lately. I know i'm sure some people have gotten pissed off if they read it but you know that's one of the wonderful things about being a US citizen i can write what I want when i want it's called freedom of speech BITCHES! I defend that right so you know i think i will use it to slander if i so choose. So here i am still in the big sandbox, counting the months till i get out of here which is a little less than 5 by the way. So I suppose that's a good thing cause I get to go back to my better half soon. So i will leave on this note you fuckers who are against the war same on you i know you have your rights and what not but your son died not because he was drafted but because HE CHOSE TO! he died defending your FUCKING right to go out and there and try to slander our president and his decisions, don't be me wrong i don't want to be here just like the next man but i'm doing what my commander and chief tells me to do bottom line. Now mind you the president he's about as usually as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. He is from texas and therefore should be excused on that reason because i've definitely noticed one thing about texans there cocky and alot of them are alot stupidier than the average human. It's like they breed dumb down there anywho i just don't like him cause he thinks he mr billy badass now don't get me wrong some of his ideas are good and what not but did we really need to outst saddam for the reasons that we did WMD's did we find any? Nope surely didn't but he's a bad man and we shall punish him. Oh well I think that the bird flu should just wipe out stupid people and all of the middle east cause they smell and there worthless sacks of shit as far as i'm concerned they can't even kill people right. We had a guy today that tried to bomb us and all he did is get blood all over the iraqi's truck stupid fucker. I bet even the devil is laughing at him going your a stupid fucker. Anywho i'm done for now. I'll fill ya in as the days continue cause I think our internet may go down for a little while soon we shall see. Well for now PEACE BITCHES!
Doc A signing off
live from iraq
P.S. if any material in here offends you in anyway,shape or form. Please comment or call this number 1(800)I DONT CARE thanks have a nice day.


well i'm just in a ranting mood

Well another post I feel is much needed cruised up to baghdad for a couple days, which is all fine and dandy but not to be some colonel's bitch cause you know if you want us to drive all over baghdad in the most dangerous parts well you know what you can fuck yourself. You've had 4 people killed under your command cause you wanted them to go everywhere all the fucking time and quite frankly it's fucking stupid. Your a weak commander and should be hit with a 7.62 in the skull. To you 4 and the 20 or so i'm sorry you have a weak commander, and I hope to the guys of my crew that we can just make it till we leave this freakin place. Anywho on a lighter note i'm back in the house safe and sound and with a big smile on my face cause i like where I live (which for you idiots actually checking this site) NO I'M NOT GOING TO SAY WHERE I AM! so go bother somebody else. Well on another note of much annoyance I had to put on word verification on this site for those or yous that want to post comments cause quite frankly i'm not really interested in getting post on how these certain stocks are going to grow WOOO HOOO! i'm in iraq jackass i really could give two shits about the stock exchange i have more important things like hmmm lets see my life and the life of the guys I work with. So if I ever see you in person you best run cause i'm going to inflict pain on your computer for wasting my webspace. Anywho I feel better now that i've gotten those few things off my chest, I've found a very attractive/sweetheart personality girl from sc we've been talking alot and I look forward to hopefully getting to meet her sometime next year. I am almost done with the navy thing 10 months left WOOOOO!!! well until next time i'm going to jam so to all you readers out there I leave you with this
"go fuck yourself" I'm an asshole, and I support this message. LOL i saw that on a shirt I found it rather funny so if you don't like well read the quote. Anywho I'm outta here
Doc A Signing off
Live from Iraq


well i feel this is a much needed post for the stupidity of man

Well folks here I am again. So i was reading an article on (good site) about the military warning "combat bloggers" that they need to be careful what they put on there blogger site. Well i have this to say on that matter, if your stupid enough to put your unit's location,size, and tactical strengths then you know what you should be attacked cause your just plain fucking stupid and should be hit with the stupid stick several times. I mean yea i understand the reasoning behind that the whole operational security and what not, but some people should just not be allowed to post if there gonna be that stupid. I think a good way to punish them would be shocking them with 1000 volts on there finger tips maybe that'd get the point across to stop being stupid. I know that yes i've said what city i'm in but that's very vague and doesn't really narrow it down to where i'm at and I in no way shape or form post pictures that would show my location. So i say this in closing to the idiots of the military society your dumb and i hope you get attacked cause your stupid enough to share that kind of opsec info than frankly i don't know feel bad for that individual but i do feel bad for his/her unit, cause they get sucked into something somebody else caused. Anywho enough about the stupidity of man and his lack of common sense. I'm outta here.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq



well i've decided to post again a little bit i guess try to clear my plate. I fucked up hardcore last night. I am an asshole and that certain individual deserves better and hopefully will get better. We lost two guys the other day and a third was injuried pretty good, to the two guys sorry that you have to go home the way you are. What else is going on well it looks like soon we'll be moving to somewhere besides here which sucks I kind of like it here pretty safe right now. Well for the most part that is. Well folks only a little under 6 months to go and I'm out of this shithole and then 6 months later i'll be back to the land of the big px and easy living. Doing what I love to do minus the having to kill people and getting shot at all the time. Well I suppose i'm gonna just go now I don't have much more to say so for now i'm outta here take it easy folks.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq


well this city just keeps going to shit

Well today in fallujah news got awaken to the sounds of gernade attacks and an IED going off just a few blocks away from home. So we geared up not hoping to have to do anything but prepared to bring hell the insurgents front door step if need be. The marines were out of course like a pissed off hoard of ants, so we drove around nothing found so that's a good thing i suppose. what else is going on well i'm finally going to be starting to train me some iraqi's into medic's lets see if they got the smarts to do it. Hmm got my first month just about out of the way. Tomorrow is the day that I will never forget. Sept. 11th the day 343 men of honor lost there lives just doing there normal job. so I wrote a short little quote since I will not be able to be in new york to mourn. "To you, my lost brother. we will never forget your sorrows or your times that you enlightened your brother's with the grace of your jokes, and wisdom. I will always be out there hunting for the man who caused your family to lose so much and for what cost? No man other than yourself will ever know." The lights that "touched the heaven are no longer there" but we will never forget, for you are the hero in my eyes, and nobody can take that away." Well yet another day has come and gone here in iraq I can finally see the light in the end of tunnel as my time is soon to be completed in the U.S. Navy, to my brother's in arms be safe out and remember i'll always be watching over ya. I'm gonna miss you guys.
Well I suppose for now I shall sign off for the day.
Doc A outta here live from iraq.


well here I am

Well i've been to my new unit for a week now and loving life not to shabby living conditions ya know everything is pretty darn good so i can't complain to overly much other than the hot and getting shot at alot conditions ya know same ol' same ol. what else is going on well not a whole lot just six more months in this hell hole and i'll be done here and six more months after that and I will be done completely in the navy YUT!! Well for now I'm outta here.
Doc A live from iraq signing off
P.S. if you would like my mailing address IM me @ emsjunkie2469 (AIM) or insert6758(yahoo)

well i'm back


well finally here

Yes I know i said I would be able to post once I got to the sandbox well I guess that I was wrong because I can as you can see access the internet which is quite nice if you ask me . Hmmm well finally got settled in with my unit pretty cool bunch of guys. I finally got away from the asshole chief we started off over here with, that motherfucker was getting on my freakin nerves. I swear to god he threatens to kick my ass again oh he is going to be in for a rude awakening. Anywho Well i can't really talk about a whole lot cause i don't know who is reading this page but I can say this. To that certain someone out there I miss you dearly and love ya lots. Well for now I'm outta here.
Doc A signing off live from OIF.


well the last post of the communist.

Well folks my time to leave is very very quickly approaching. August 3rd to be exact and am I excited about it well somewhat but not at the same time. So i will leave this as a reminder to all of those I care about out there. Remember this I will never be very far away and I will not forget the good/bad times we've had together I will miss all of you very much but I will return sometime next year. I am slowly but surely closing in on my time for when I can throw up the universial peace sign and get the heck of dodge in my dodge. I will be coming home to ny sometime in march/april time frame. To everybody out there who may read this I will give you all my holiday greetings ahead of time because I will not be anywhere near home for thanksgiving/christmas/new years. SO eat some turkey/ham what ever it is you eat for me open some presents and ring in the new year with a smile on your face for me because I will be doing the same as best as I can while i'm over there. So for now I've ranted and put enough sad stuff in here to make even my cat cry so I will depart now silently as I did the first time I left for OIF. Well stay safe out there and remember Freedom isn't free.
Doc A signing off and biddin adue


well the date has come.

Well the day I leave is soon approaching as I found out today my b-day to be exact. To where I go no man shall know. I got ask what took so long for me to meet such a wonderful girl. It was heaven just fell into my lap. She doesn't mind that I play video games, she loves me for who I am and how nice I am(yes thats right folks I'm a big teddy bear). All I can say is wow and I can't wait to actually meet you in person. You put a smile on my face even if I don't show it all the time trust me inside I have a grin ear to ear. Well I suppose I don't have a whole lot to talk about. I'm just glad I finally got a launch date I won't be back here till after may sometime. That my friends is an extremely long time. I get to take 30 days of leave as soon as I get back though which is mighty cool cause I really will deserve some leave after this adventure in my life. I got this program from one of the guys that I work with tells you how many days you have until you get out, I'm sitting at 420 days seems like an eternity away but if you think about it it's really not to long in the future. I can't wait to return to civilian life and go get my firefighter cert. Oh on the FF thing she doesn't mind that I want to do that for a job either which is freaking sweet cause she knows how dangerous it is but yet is still supportive of what I want to do with my life which is amazing. Well for now I shall stop prasing what I call my heaven luvs ya and I shall talks to all you folks laters.
Doc A outta here.



hey folks this may very well be one of my last few posts for I depart for Iraq in 8 days for 7 months so I don't know how much of the internet type stuff i'll have access too once i'm out there which I can't tell you guys. But hopefully i'll have a chance every now and then to get on. We shall see blah. Anywho I don't have a whole lot more to talk aboot so I shall depart to the land of the mcdonalds one last time for the night. So until next time I'm out.
Doc A signing off.


well what a weekend

Hmmm what a weekend pretty uneventful other than saturday where I got pretty darn blitzed hadn't done that in a good while. What else I talked to one of my fav people in the world :-) My mom turned a year older yesterday I bought her a reciprocating saw(odd present yes) but that is what the mother wanted so that is what she got. Speaking of b-day's anybody who reads this and has a b-day coming up let me know. I know my b-day is fastly approaching *grumble* another year older and more hair is falling out (22 and already catching my dad who is 55)*grumble* Anywho I don't have a whole lot to post hopefully I have an eventful day at the firehouse had one on friday night so we'll see what today brings hopefully not a late night like friday was but eh who knows well until next the ipod and I are outta here.
Doc A signing off.


my current feelings towards alot of things in life.....

Well this post is a bunch of blink 182 lyrics that kind of describe my feeling towards life,females,military just things in general.

Dysentery Gary
Got a lotta heart ache He's a fuckin' weasel His issues make my mind ache Wanna make a deal. 'Cause I love your little motions You do with your pigtails What a nice creation Worth another night in jail.
He's a player, diarrhea giver Tried to grow his hair out, friends were listening to Slayer I'd like to find him Friday night Hanging out with mom, trying on his father's tights.
Life just sucks, I lost the one I'm giving up, she found someone There's plenty more Girls are such a drag.
So all you little ladies Be sure to choose the right guys You'll come back to me maybe I'll shower you with lies.
Got a lotta heart ache He's a fuckin' weasel Decisions make my mind ache Wanna make a deal
Ease away the problems and the pain The girl chose the guy that makes you wanna kick and scream All along, you wish that she would stay Fuck the guy that took and ran away, yeah
He's a player, diarrhea giver Tried to grow his hair out, friends were listening to Slayer I'd like to find him Friday night Hanging out with mom and trying on his father's tights
Life just sucks, I lost the one I'm giving up, she found someone There's plenty more Girls are such a drag Fuck this place, I lost the warI hate you all, your mom's a whore Where's my dog? 'Cause girls are such a drag.

This next one is I feel so... by boxcar racer.


I wish I was brave

I wish I was stronger

I wish I could feel no pain

I wish I was young

I wish I would try

I wish I was honest

I wish I was you not I


I feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Let's start over

Let's start over

SometimesI wish I was smart

I wish I made cures for

How people are

I wish I had power

I wish I could leave

I wish I could change the world

For you and me

'CauseI feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Let's start over

Let's start over

'CauseI feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Let's start over

Let's start over

I feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callous

So lost, confused again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Let's start over

Let's start over

This is my my life in general right now. This one is Tiny Voices by boxcar racer.

I've been all pinched up since saturdayI've run my self dry of excellenceSixteen long years in-hale the bullshit inWhatever I said on saturdayWhatever I did I'll do it all againNineteen marks up wallsEach year one short fall ofTiny voices, make things harderEverybody will be let downEverybody will be let downWhat is this for ex-parking lotThe dreamers go buy they never stopTwenty plus 5 in let the youth cave inTiny voices, make things harderEverybody will be let downEverybody will be let downTiny voices make things harderTiny voices make things harderEverybody will be let downEverybody will be let downEverybody will be let down
Everybody will be let down

Well on a happier note I did finally get a relaxing day over here at the firehouse i also found out were going to be losing our new chief that we literally just got so i wonder what there gonna do now? Anywho I get to work here monday so I guess as of right now i'm not leaving on monday like they were telling me I really am starting to think i'm not even gonna go which wouldn't be a bad thing I wanna go home in dec and be a bum for a month cause yea I just want too. What else is going I guess I just felt like puttin some good songs to describe my feelings on alot of things because song does that best for me to anybody out there that would take offense to this I'm sorry just today I don't have a heart...... Oh well for this guy i'm off to go play video games before I crash out for the evening.

Colin a.k.a. 'doc A' is outta here.

P.s. if you don't like what you see yea see that X in the corner click it and you WON'T SEE THIS.


what a day.......

Well my day started off already on a wrong foot woke up late for work boy did that suck i didn't in trouble oh well still start to a bad day. The day just seemed to progressively get worse I went through the day just losing my mind literally i couldn't think at all it sucked. I went to go pick up this new guy were suppose to be getting and of course his plane was delayed yet again so i wasted another day going over there and coming back. I find out that a certain female has feelings for me but ran away cause she was afraid of the pain and fighting and anything else that would happen and that was the homerun hitter to just break me down. I just want to say to that certain female that I still have feelings for ya I just don't know how to show them cause I didn't till just about 45 mins ago know how you felt. I'm sorry if I caused any problems between you and your friend. If you want to talk before I leave please let me know I would be more than willing to hash things out as best as I can. What else is going on well i'm still waiting on this afghan order to come out so I can freaking leave this place is driving me up a wall of bricks and i'm gonna end up killing somebody I swear. Anywho I don't suppose I have a whole more going on so i'll just shut up and crawl back into my little hole people usually call life and bitch and complain some more at a date yet to be determined. Well for now i'm outta here.
Doc A signing off.
P.S. pedro hey shut your freaking mouth i miss the ol' guy because when it came to getting shit done he got it done unlike my current 1st class who only gives a shit about his fellow flips leaves us white and darker skinned guys out to fucking hang. If your a flip i'm sorry i just dispise them sometimes they make me sick anywho I'm out enjoy leave dude.


well stop bitchin really

Well I decided to throw up a new post since certain people decided that they wanted TO BITCH haha about me not having a post on here for a "long time" well lets see here what has happened recently in my life well yesterday my car decided to eat it's fan belt so 4 hours later and a emptier wallet. however on a good note my car is happy now I changed out the radiator fluid as well so i'm sure the radiator is happy. My a/c runs 1100 times better now. What else is going on well I suppose i'm utterly confused about a certain few situations going on in my life right I just wish I could be home in the U.S.A. instead of on this shit hole called okinawa, it's just very hard to resolve certain issues at hand when your so far away and for the I apolgize anywho I tweaked my back again so i'm swearing and looking like i'm 55 today which is not a pleasant feeling as my dad reminds me everyday of. Well folks i don't really have a whole lot more to talk about I'm glad however that a certain individual that I used to work with is gone. The clinic is already a quieter place without him. I do miss him in ways though that I will say yea as I said earlier i'm all sorts of confused right now i just wish I had a magic stick to fix everything and make everyone important in my life happy cause i'm never happy so what does it matter anywho. So on that note as the 311 plays I depart to my car to eat me some Mcdonald's.
Doc Eightball outta here


word bitches

Hey what's going on around these parts eh??? It's gettin FREAKIN hot out here in okinawa japan which I suppose is a nice thing but sucks for us thick blooded northerner's who only know snow and cold. Well suppose I can't complain it's beats iraq that's for damn sure. What else is a goin on in here umm yes still hating my roommate that hasn't changed I'm over sleeping my alarm so not to self make sure you buy a new alarm clock this next paycheck or something along those lines. I need one that would literally wake up the dead or maybe I need to just sneak a cat in here that would wake me up by meowing at me because it was her feeding time. Well i know the cat thing isnt gonna happen so eh what ya gonna do. What else lets see I wish somebody that reads this would fill me in on what is going on around the hockey world. Is there or isn't there going to be a hockey season this year??? I would like to know so i can plan on catching a game whenever it it I do get to go home to good ol ny again. Well folks I suppose for now i'm off to go fight people with my bowstaff cause I have skills in that.
Doc A out



Well got back from wake island on friday (other than the plane ride) had an excellent time i will say a week off to do nothing really work for a couple of hours and then just chill out for the rest of the time it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!! well on another note as you saw before that I had quit smoking well i'm almost done with the patches so i'm pretty stoked about that cause these things are gettin annoying let me tell you. I gotta go back to work tommorrow which sucks but eh oh well. I have to put this out there because this is my site to rant so if this individual reads it oh well i don't give a fuck. I hate my roommate with a flying passion gettins on my freakin nerves let me tell you I come back from wake and all my food is eaten which I wasn't happy about and he just assumes that he is gonna get a ride to where ever he needs to go and that he can just use my phone whenever the fuck he wants well I got a news flash for ya buddy my niceness is about to smack you in the face and get real ugly real FREAKIN quick!!! Anywho enough about that I suppose I'll get out of here for now I'm glad to be back but at the same time I wish that I was still out there because it was so much easier to deal with no rain and really sunny days a heck of alot easier than this shit hole island people call okinawa.
Well Doc A outta here!


hiddy-ho neighbors

Well hey folks i'm back again and now I have my special someone :-) i'm finally happy first time in about 9 months long time awaited yea much needed stressor out of my life I suppose. Well anywho I found out today that my sandbox order so I don't have to worry about going to down the line. So i'm enjoying the priviledge of being an e-4 now i have still yet to get paided as an e-4 but hey it will all come soon enough. What else is going on summer is around here on the island of okinawa. Were getting all these new mother fuckers here in 1st Stinger battery its quite funny got me a slew of new cd's system of the down(mesmorize),oasis(forget the name),dmb(stand up),coldplay(x&y),mudyane,limp bizkit. Well def enjoying the new tunes relaxing to some cold play right now Well for now I suppose for now i'm out so until next time.
Doc A outta here.


hmm a good note to add

Well friday I got the whole frocking ceramony done which was pretty freakin sweet. I went out that nite and got blitzed out me mind as i usually do on a friday but oh boy did i pay the price remind me never again to mix budweiser E , budweiser,and jack and cokes and 7 jello shots in a row bad outcome such as waking up with a not pleasant headache. But it was all fun hangin out with the guys, as you can see the girl situation over here is way less than favorable. Hmm whatelse is going on well went out to the field for a week yea that was utterly boring all i did was smoke,eat and sleep. OH and on a good note i did quit the smoking thing finally so i'm pretty happy bout that one as well. What else is going on well no word as of yet on weather or not i'm going to the big sandbox I guess I shall find out on tuesday or wednesday eh who knows ya know. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm well just sitting here listening to some modest mouse killin time before the halo tourney which i hope we win cause there is 125 dollars with my name on it if so WOOT WOOT. umm still wishing i had an awesome girl over here I could go spend my days with and do to whatever her and my heart's desire but here I am alone and bored of this stinkin island. Oh well on that note i'm off like a well something that goes off. POOF
doc A (hm3 type) outta here.


well pretty much set in stone

Well on a great GREAT note today I FINALLY picked up HM3 which i'm freakin happier than you can believe about it only took almost 4 years in the service to finally get that. WOOO HOOO!!!! working on the g/f type situation and course it comes with perfect timing. I'm also pretty much set in stone heading to the "sandbox" next month which i'm not to excited aboot but hey what are you gonna do ya know it's only a 6-9 month order so hey i'll make some money well i'm over there anywho for now i'm out. I'll fill ya all in when i get details.
Doc A signin off.


well bored as usual

Yea it's the 12th of may and here I sit bored out me mind at the firehouse, the land of dead. We never get any calls except for bullshit fire alarms all the other districts get cool calls but not us. OH WELL what are you to do. I'm finally get paided the right amt of money again thank god for that about freakin time ya know I was sick and tired of not getting paided because SOMEBODY screwed up, just need to pay the ol' bills off and put myself on cruise control while i'm here. I'm currently listening to blink 182(not because i'm depressed)(usually my depressing music), just felt like some blink. On another note just got done watching band of brother's excellent mini series Kudos to HBO and steven speilburg/tom hanks for putting that together awesome job. Hmmm what else is going on I can finally see an end nearin to my time in the military as I approach my time next year Sept 18th 2006, D-day for Mr. Arthur I will be a civilian again and sometimes it scares me I don't know why but i've gotten used to a way of life and i'm going to be starting my life all over again, don't get me wrong I want out but i'm wondering how my transition will go. I know it will take time with the things i've seen and all my friends asking questions, I say this unless you've been in mine or my brother's in arms shoes there is nothing I can tell you that will make you truly understand how we function what we do. I don't do the job because I want to be a hero cause quite frankly hero's get killed. I do it for the guy next to me because him and I have shed blood together he has earned the right to be called my brother. To my brother's haines and siv. If you two decide to stay hey good on you both your both excellent sailors/doc's and let nobody tell you otherwise, I do however sincerely hope we keep in touch and get together and chill like old times. I miss hanging out with you guys I in my mind have lost two brothers and there are days I feel lost because I don't have you two around. :-\ Well on that note I suppose I shall sit here and be bored senseless in the firehouse, so until next time remember, i'll be here and remember help is never far away.
Doc A signin off.


hey what's going on

Well it's rather interesting at work these days only two of the worker bees are there which kind of sucks but eh what ya gonna do. What i wouldn't give for one good night's sleep I tell ya this no sleep thing definitely gettin old. I found out that me truck is getting the rents problem so i'll need to go back here in the somewhat near future to fix her up cause I know she just misses her owner which I understand. What else is goin on in the pathetic excuse people call life. Sitting here listening to trapt wondering why i hadn't bought this cd sooner pretty darn good cd I tell ya. what else hmmmm daddy leaves in less than two months (if you don't know who daddy is read some of my previous posts). I know that he's a good guy but sometimes he needs a good beatin with a wet noodle. or as they say in narc, "how bout option 2. you give us the money or we beat you like a baby fuckin seal" (narc is a good game for xbox) Yea definitely been playing that game some and xbox alot kickin ass in halo 2 I am one of the better players in this barracks I will reach out on that one and say that. Well I suppose until next time remember george bush needs to go back to high school to learn how to read and write. (further details later) And I really could use a fresh bottle of yuengling. I do indeed miss that beer MMM MMM GOOD!!!
Well until next time to all my corpsman buddies (remember to say the S lol) hope your doing well out there.
Doc A OUTTA here
P.S. - Vote for pedro.


Well a little story here and something that US corpsman live by

CorpsmanIn August of 1942,
the first major USMC assault landings against the Japanese Empire occurred in the Solomon Islands, Pacific. The island chosen for the invasion was Guadalcanal.As they moved inland, four Marines were walking point into the jungle. Advancing into an open area without cover, they came under heavy fire from the entrenched Japanese. All four Marines were wounded but managed to crawl into a shell crater, about fifty yards from where they had emerged from the jungle.A Hospital Corpsman ran from cover into the crater with the wounded Marines, and ran back to cover, under fire. Having dressed the wounds of the Marine, he sprinted back for another, only this time he was hit. Not stopping to dress his own wounds, he carried the second Marine to cover receiving a second wound. After giving aid to the Marine, the Corpsman was hit for a third time going into the crater. Staggering toward the treeline with the third Marine, he was again struck by enemy fire.When the third Marine's wounds were dressed, the Corpsman started after the last Marine in the crater. The Corpsman still had not stopped to care for his own wounds. In a final valiant effort, he stumbled toward the crater, where he was brought down by concentrated enemy machine gun fire. He lunged forward into the crater falling across the fourth Marine, finally giving up his life.Reaching up to his own bleeding wounds, the Marine wrote on the back of the Corpsman's bullet riddled shirt,
This was that dying Marine's final tribute to his shipmate's supreme sacrifice in fulfilling his oath, "TO AID THE WOUNDED, IN THEIR MOMENT OF NEED."
A Corpsman's Prayer
Grant me, oh Lord, for the coming events;Enough knowledge to cope and some plain common sense.Be at our side on those nightly patrols;And be merciful judging our vulnerable souls.Make my hands steady and as sure as a rock;when the others go down with a wound or in shock.Let me be close, when they bleed in the mud;With a tourniquet handy to save precious blood.Here in the jungle, the enemy near;Even the corpsman can't offer much lightness and cheer.Just help me, oh Lord, to save lives when I can;Because even out there is merit in man.If It's Your will, make casualties light;And don't let any die in the murderous night.These are my friends I'm trying to save;They are frightened at times, but You know they are brave.Let me not fail when they need so much;But to help me serve with a compassionate touch.Lord, I'm no hero -- my job is to heal;And I want You to know Just how helpless I feel.Bring us back safely to camp with dawn;For too many of us are already gone.Lord bless my friends If that's part of your plan;And go with us tonight, when we go out again.
Author Unknown


well hey again

Sitting here on leave bored out me mind which isn't a bad thing cause it's 10 days away from daddy a.k.a. chief three more months and he's gone and we got our new chief which will be pretty bad ass cause he's the type of chief i liked working with at my last command. Listening me to some good ol 311 i love these guys i can never get enough of them. What else is going on in the world of colin well i "should" be getting a visitor here maybe in a month or two it will be good to see her again regardless of what may happen fun will be had by all parties involved. WOOOOO! anywho well i don't gots a whole lot to write about so i'm out for now laters.
Doc A outta here.


well i suppose it can get better

Well shot down again by another chic who i was interested in, I seem to be too good of friends with all the chic's i'm interested in to even have a shot at getting anywhere with them which sucks but i suppose is a good thing too because i have people to hang out with. I'm over here at the firehouse standing duty as I type this right now and boy is it boring I wish that we could get a call or something cause i'm bored out of my freaking mind over here. I'm glad that my sis got her good news hopefully she gets to see her man her real soon. I hope that I will be able to enjoy my leave that is just around the corner and maybe get lucky WHO knows cause i seem to just be walking around sticking my foot in my mouth which sucks but hey such is life sometimes. Oh well less than 24 hours to go of boredom(more than likely) and i'll have a day off OH YES that's right I get to lay around and do absoluetly nothing it will be definitely a great thing I don't have to give smallpox shots I don't have to deal with my chief(who is really pushing getting a swift kick in the ass). I will just mill around and collect dust play video games and watch movies ain't nothing wrong with that so until next remember, no matter how bad life sucks and things get you down there is always a good day somewhere in your future. Life is to short to go about pouting and be unhappy with yourself hey every once in a while is cool. But smile I always try to even if i've had a absolutely shitty day cause hey it's always gonna get worse before it gets better. So keep your stick on the ice.
Doc A outta here
P.S. Siv i haven't forgotten about you i've just been busy so i'm SORRY that the fat kid joke offended you but you a big kid i'm sure you'll get over it. LATERS.


Well hey this is pissin me off now

Hey folks whats good in the hood??? Well i gotta say WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT OVER!!! on a certain situation in my life right now i wish i could just get the truth instead of this damn game playing that is going on right now, it's closing on april 4th REAL quick like and i still have no answer from you and i would really like one cause i'm getting sick and tired of playing tag with you. Anywho enough of that another week done and over with at work thank god i'm getting a new car i'll post some pictures up here when i get it all taken care of, which reminds me how much of a headache that was just to get the process started to get it taken care of. Anywho what else is going on around here lets see not a whole lot which i suppose is a good thing so umm just livin life counting down the days till i'm done in this hellhole people call okinawa. HMMMMM i'm taking me some leave this month hopefully it will be in ny i'm undecided on weather or not i wanna go home or just stay here so we'll see, i'll make that decision when time comes around. Surprise the parents hehe that would be funny what else is going on. Umm i should be picking up HM3 here in a few weeks whenever the results come out which will be sweet. I'm doing pretty good at this command possibility of me going back to the big sandbox again which i'm not to thrilled aboot but eh what ya gonna do i'm in the navy so i guess i gotta deal with it. Well I suppose I shall write more sometime in the future so until then. I'm out like the fat kid in gym class.
Doc A(eightball) outta here


well then again i appear out of the blue

Hey folks how are things these days i've been pretty busy so i haven't been able to post to much these days but I suppose I shall try to post more frequently. I took my HM3 exam today and i felt that i did pretty good so we shall see here in a few weeks what the results are, I mean jeeze i've only taken it four times now so you would figure that I would pass it on this one with the amount of points I have already before the test is even equated into the system. Well what else is going on the summer is fast approaching here in okinawa and it seems that the weather is not going along with the norm it's I guess pretty cold for here for the past few weeks. I think it's great cause I can wear shorts and sandals and it's no big thing. I'm here alone drinking me some green beer cause you know what day it is, THE GREAT ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!! WOOOOO!!! So yeah i've downed a six pack and feelin pretty good but drunk just a tiny buzz got me a new game today which is hot GT4 for those of you who have no clue what that is, it's Gran turismo 4 which is a sequal to the GT3 which was a sweet game and this one is even better. Well I suppose i'm going to call it a night cause it's been a utterly long day FUCKING CHIEF I HATE YOU!!!! anywho enough of me ranting later folks i'm out like an 80's hairstyle.
Doc A outta here
P.S. Siv I plan on shootin you an email or something here pretty soon once things finally calm themselves down here. I hope things are going good for you bro take it easy.
Haines if your out there somewhere god speed with you I miss ya bro I was looking at some old pics of the three of us Siv,you and myself chilling doing what we do best causing trouble and it def makes me miss the ol hellhole. Later dude.


hey folks

Well I know it's been a good while since i've posted so i figured i would throw something up here for the fellow communists to look at remember MOTHER RUSSIA!!! ... lol anywho there isn't to much going on in my life just chilling working and trying to get my back feeling better cause it's been all sorts of screwed up lately which kind of sucks but hey what are you gonna do except for take meds and try to take it easy on it. Well for now I suppose i'm out so i shall talk to yous all later.
Doc A outta here


well who knows anymore

Well as you may have seen in my last post that I tried to ask a girl out for a date and got SHOT down like a 747. Well on valentine's day this chic had the audasity to come up to me and say i wish i had a valentines I said hey bitch did you forgot the fact that i asked you out on a date and would have been your valentines gladly but oh well what are you going to do you try to be nice to them and they stab you in the eye with a sodering iron i guess she'll get hers in the end. What else is going on in my life these here days well i just dropped 500 bones on the ol car to get it worthy to pass the damn inspection here in okinawa that's awfully expensive i tell ya. Hmm anything else well lets see i haven't been sober for the past 3 days so i suppose i'm tryin to set some record or something we'll see. Anywho I don't have a whole lot to write about so until the next time I decide to get on here and rant about my life I shall talk to you all later and remember it will always get worse before it finally gets better, but it will eventually get better.


yet another lonely valentines

Well yet another valentines day has arrived and yet again i'm alone and single without someone to enjoy it with. What else is going on well my eye has been bothering me pretty bad lately and i don't quite know why but oh well i suppose it will get better eventually right?? or it will just fall out either way it's all good. I get to work all sorts of long hours this week YAY how thrilling ya know just what I want to do all week but it's ok cause it's payday week with is def a good thing cause I got shit I gotta get paided. I miss the touch of a girl's hand against my head ever so soft and she rubs her hand through my hand, or the feelin of my lips touching hers as we kiss the night away, just a simple hug where the vibe of her love for me and my love for her flows freely. Well I suppose my time will come eventually but tomorrow or anytime soon from what I can see. Well I suppose that's enough of my whining and moping. i'll leave with the lyrics to this song. GOOD CHARLOTTE-CHANGE
I am lost in the see-thru, I think you lost yourself too, Throughout all of this confusion, I hope I somehow get to you, I practiced all the things I'd say, To tell you how I feel, And when I finally get my chance, It all seems so surreal, 'Cause from the first time I saw you, I only thought about you,
I didn't know you, I wanted to hold onto, The things you'd never say to me, 'Cause you said [Chorus]You can't change the way you feel, I could never do that, I could never do that, But you can't tell me this ain't real, 'Cause this is real And you would see right through that, In the end it's all I've got, So I'm gonna hold onto that, So I'm gonna hold on and on and on and on, [Chorus Ends]Now you've got me watching your eyes, Got me waiting just to see, If it goes the way it never will, Your eyes are watching me, and now you've got me thinking 'bout, The first time that I met you, Standing in a crowded room, But I could only see you, And I hope my words will get through, 'Cause now I can't forget you, I want to tell you, If only I could reach you, And make you feel this way, But you said...


Well this week has finally reached it's end

See title above and you'll better understand why i'm so exhausted that it's not even funny. We were all pulling at least 17 hour days since last sunday and yes it does get a bit old after a while. Well in other news I asked this chic out the other day and she said sure lets go do something so i asked her today when would be a good time for her and yeah I got shot like an enemy aircraft. It kind of pissed me off but hey what are you going to do. I would like to quote my father and say what he always says to me "there are plently more fish in the sea". Hmm whatelse to blurb about well i FINALLY got my cavities filled pain is good but after the pain wears off it's all good cause now my teeth don't hurt. I get to finally I think enjoy a weekend i'm gonna go get shitfaced tonight to forget about my bad day I know it's a stupid reason too, but do ask me if i even care???................... Well i thought about it and it's still definitely a no so yup me and a beer bottle are gonna be good friends today. Well i suppose that's all for now so until next time. Keep your stick on the ice.
Doc A out


well it's been a few

Hey folks what's going on in the old world we choose to call the internet. I'm just sitting here talking to a few people online and listening to some loud angry music(fear factory). Well whatelse is going on as i'm sure most of you either watched or saw that the patriots pulled the win out of there hat to clinch the superbowl(not that i was surprised that they won) i kind of wished philly had won but hey what are you gonna do. I went out and got blitzed for the last three nights and oh boy my liver has been yelling at me for the past few days. The lack of sleep probably hasn't helped much other than when the alcohol has forced me into a sleep enduced coma ya know good stuff don't even remember going to bed but yea somehow i always seem to make it there. I got these good smelling candels today and yea they are awesome. I dont have a whole lot to talk aboot so i suppose i'll actually try to go to sleep sober and see what happens i doubt i will actually get to sleep but hey ya never know. Later
Doc A out.


Well I suppose

Well went out to the field for a few days and yea bored out of my mind which mind you isn't a bad thing because it means that people aren't getting hurt which is definitely a good thing. Well whatelse is going on in the ever exciting life of colin. Lets see here well hmm single as single gets which sucks but i suppose is nice in and about itself. Whatelse I extended here at okinawa japan till my getting out of the navy date, hey it came with a nice bonus so i didn't feel like going someplace else. I'm tired but not tired enough to sleep which definitely sucks horseballs. Oh i wanted to comment and say if you don't like my language on my website well why don't you check out someone else's website eh cause you know what I frankly just don't care. To my compadres in crime Siv, Haines I hope both of you are doing ok out there and I definitely miss hanging out with you guys and doing all the stupid shit that we used to do. To my buddies back home I envy you and all the snow you guys have gotten recently I wish I could get some of that stuff. Hmm whatelse to talk about well nothing overly exciting happening over here in the land of the short people who don't speak my language. Well I suppose i'll try the whole sleep thing. Cinthya I know you def ain't reading this right now but I hope that bootcamp is going well for ya and i miss talking to you. To my big sis Pam thanks again for that lifesaving thing you did for me a couple of days ago it made the difference. Well to everybody else out there. Hi Well Doc A is out of here like a dress on prom night.


another long day

Well today was rather boring and uneventful other than the fight with the girl. I got really drunk last night at no cost to me which was really sweet. I gotta work again tomorrow which isn't to overly fun. I don't have a whole lot to say other than well nothing I really don't wanna be here anymore and I would give anything to be back in the states. A quot from a song that i really like bout me from blink 182. "I would wish upon a star, but that star it doesn't shine, so read my short story, a short story of a lonely guy." Well that's bout all i gots to say this evening so i'm outte.
Doc A gone like a dress on prom night


well another day

Well lets see here what fun and exciting happened to today in my life well I did absolutely nothing just sat around and collected dust wishing I was back in good ol ny where there is lots of snow right now. I wish I could be running me some ems or being starting my paramedic classes BUT NO i'm still in the US navy. I have exactly 1 year 6 months and 5 days left in this pathetic existance i call the navy life. I shall return to the real world where I can do what I want when I feel like, i'll be able to grow out my goatee and not have to worry bout shaving it. I will just be plain happy again maybe if i'm lucky enough i'll find a girl and i won't have to worry bout losing her because i have to move 3-5 months later because the navy decides hey guess what you get a free ticket to the persian gulf have a good time. Anywho enough of that soap box I believe it is another way that the american government forces communism into peoples life. I do a completely different and somewhat more dangerous job that alot of other navy ratings and yup we all get paided the exact same thing. I really sometimes wonder how the one works out to be fair but I can't question it because if I did I would be considered a "rebel" or a "bad man" and god forbid people go around blabbing there mouths off about something like that. Well anywho i'm gone for today got another fun and exciting day of working and doing absolutely nothing again. WOOO HOOO!!!
Doc is gone.

Well lets see here

Well Folks I suppose it's been a good while since i've even had a post up on this here thingy that would be because my normal site decided it wanted to take a gernade in the server and die on me so I had to go make my own. SO where to start here. Well you like my title catchy eh. If you don't like it well you can rot in hell and die cause you know what i frankly don't give a freakin damn. So it seems we'll fill you in since Christmas day since that was the last time i had a post up. Hmmmm what happened since then well I went on a heart attack call in ny which sucked for the guy but i had a good time other than the 25 mins of cpr i gots to do. I flew back to okinawa on the 29th rather uneventful flight. I met some new people here female types for a while i thought that they didn't exist. Well pretty good friends they come and they go but remember i'll be just a call away. Well i finally fixed my little japper car so it can pass it's gay inspection that it has to pass. So until next time YOUR ALL COMMUNISTS!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA . On a seperate note to all my fellow listeners out there i hope ya all come back to this site and check it out it's going to be improving everyday as i get my edumacation on web writing again. Well for now Doc A is outte.


Well bob i think you hit the right switch

Well it seems to be up and runnin pretty good now which makes me happy. I added a picture as you can see and the two audio things below one is a communist talking and the other one is about my job. Well i'm bored over here in japan if you want to talk to me and your just a random passerbyer by all means shoot me an im if i'm home i'm on AIM so just im me up. Well for now later and don't forget life's a garden. dig it.

My job descprition

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