Image hosted by Well as us communist unite to take over the world I mean just provide you with good music. Remember that we all have our 15 mins of fame.


well it's definitely been a REALLY long time

Well what to talk about?? HMMMMM well i guess i could start with the tidbits of good news I am no longer active duty in the U.S. Navy and honestly it feels kind of weird to not be but i'm glad i'm not, the other tidbit of good news I finally got my NYS EMT-D card so i'm certified nationally as well as in the state of ny, which is sweet. On the unfortunate bad news side of the house I lost my love felicia and honestly if she was to ask me to take her back i would most definitely say yes in a heart beat, is that probably the best thing for both of us to do I couldn't honestly answer that but I still love her with all my heart and it's hard to even be away from her. But that's my issue so i will leave the book sealed for only her's and my eyes. SO for now i'm going to sign off.
Doc A outta here back in ny