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I just like that title so I put it up there cause well you know look at my title. I am now up at my new base and man does it suck I drive myself crazy just being bored. IT SUCKS!!!! well anywho i had a decent thanksgiving dinner so that was cool. What else is going on yes it's just a few days after thanksgiving and i'm in iraq and I have ALL of my christmas shopping done isn't that great you have got to love the internet. On another note I found out that I may be able to fly home to ft.drum with my team which would be sweet since you know home is rochester ny. Anywho more to follow in the next couple of days just wanted to put this post up here. Anywho.
Doc Eightball
live from Iraq.


i'm here but i'm there

Well folks decided to pop my head in see what's going on. Not a whole lot we've moved to a new base, last night was rather interesting 2 hr firefight with the "bad guys" because it's the end of the holy month so there all either high or drunk so we had to go break up the fight because they were shooting at the iraqi policemen. Lets see what else exciting happened umm NOTHING we drove to fallujah today WOOO how not exciting. I got to play with marine corps frogs which I was happy about cause there old and leaky and just better than driving. For those of you who don't know what a frog is (it's a CH-46 seaknight) it's a helo. Anywho not a whole lot going on just getting ready for the second round of elections. So until next time PEACE and AXLE GREASE.
Doc A signing off
live from iraq