Image hosted by Well as us communist unite to take over the world I mean just provide you with good music. Remember that we all have our 15 mins of fame.



So here I sit on the ambulance again at werk. Sigh I do live such a pathetic life I realized, I take care of people that don't even care/realize i even exist I go day to day in a whisp like the wind hardly noticed (not that i really want to be overly noticed). I guess I miss a few things hearing I love you from somebody besides the rents, having my own place. Having somebody smile because of my actions not because they have too but because they choose too. I really truly miss those days. And i will end it on that note I desire to want a g/f now and that settles that. I'm off to go wander the 1,000,000 miles of internet land.
Doc A signing off.