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well i've decided to post again a little bit i guess try to clear my plate. I fucked up hardcore last night. I am an asshole and that certain individual deserves better and hopefully will get better. We lost two guys the other day and a third was injuried pretty good, to the two guys sorry that you have to go home the way you are. What else is going on well it looks like soon we'll be moving to somewhere besides here which sucks I kind of like it here pretty safe right now. Well for the most part that is. Well folks only a little under 6 months to go and I'm out of this shithole and then 6 months later i'll be back to the land of the big px and easy living. Doing what I love to do minus the having to kill people and getting shot at all the time. Well I suppose i'm gonna just go now I don't have much more to say so for now i'm outta here take it easy folks.
Doc A signing off
Live from iraq


well this city just keeps going to shit

Well today in fallujah news got awaken to the sounds of gernade attacks and an IED going off just a few blocks away from home. So we geared up not hoping to have to do anything but prepared to bring hell the insurgents front door step if need be. The marines were out of course like a pissed off hoard of ants, so we drove around nothing found so that's a good thing i suppose. what else is going on well i'm finally going to be starting to train me some iraqi's into medic's lets see if they got the smarts to do it. Hmm got my first month just about out of the way. Tomorrow is the day that I will never forget. Sept. 11th the day 343 men of honor lost there lives just doing there normal job. so I wrote a short little quote since I will not be able to be in new york to mourn. "To you, my lost brother. we will never forget your sorrows or your times that you enlightened your brother's with the grace of your jokes, and wisdom. I will always be out there hunting for the man who caused your family to lose so much and for what cost? No man other than yourself will ever know." The lights that "touched the heaven are no longer there" but we will never forget, for you are the hero in my eyes, and nobody can take that away." Well yet another day has come and gone here in iraq I can finally see the light in the end of tunnel as my time is soon to be completed in the U.S. Navy, to my brother's in arms be safe out and remember i'll always be watching over ya. I'm gonna miss you guys.
Well I suppose for now I shall sign off for the day.
Doc A outta here live from iraq.