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Chapter 2

A year for which I will have to start dividing up my year into months so this is what I am going to do for the rest of the chapters from here on in. This will cover the months of January thru May of 2002. So where to begin I always like to through interludes into things that I see may be fitting for the time. I have graduated boot camp by this point and have moved onto Hospital Corpsman A-school at NTC(Naval Training Center) great lakes. Where I began my time as a corpsman so to speak, a very proud and large group of services members that have been running strong since 1898 and are still running strong today. They consist of 22 Medal of Honor Receiptants as well as several other of the highest military honor to be bestoyed upon one person. Now you ask what is the importance of this particular fact? The answer is simple quite simple actually, we do not do our job for the glory of ones self but for the honor and pride of being able to take care of and be trusted with the nation's sons and daughters, husbands and wives. A task for which although yes large in our group is not handed out to everybody, we will gladly put ourselves in harms way to bring them home. A many of thousands of people today owe there thanks to the tireless and brave work of us hospital corpsman and so I digress.

January a cold windy winter in Great Lakes Il and the time is winding down as I progress through the weeks at school, I ask myself where do I want to go with this unique opportunity in life? Where will this take me will I end up with the marines? A many of questions with so few answers yet found. So came February of 2002 and on the 22nd of this month I offically became a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman a title which I wore proud, and a well earned week of leave before my next duty station. To where you might ask? Well to none other than Field Medical Service School, a school where they teach corpsman more advanced medical procedures and probably the most important thing for us devil docs how to work and coexist with marines. You sleep like them, you eat like them, you learn everything they can cram into our brains in eight weeks. It was a tiring and trying time but well worth it in the end. I graduated this particular school on May 28th of 2002 with orders to MCB Quantico for what I did not know at this time.

Doc A signing off.

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