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A story from the eye of.

Well first I must start off with the infamous Foreword. You know the section where it tells about what this here story is going to be about and blah blah blah so here goes. I have decided to write down my memories of war and the stories from the eye of a Hospital Corpsman during my time in Iraq in 2003, 2005-2006. I will keep names from this because well I do not have contact with all of my guys anymore so I do not have their legal permission to use them. I would like to first start off by saying some thanks here and well although I do not have their legal permission I'm pretty sure they would give it too me if I asked. I want to thank my mother and father Camilla and Doug Arthur who have been the most supportive parents as I traveled these rough seas called life. I would like to also thank my best friend from before the service Jeshua Smith, Jesse has also been there though alot of my hiccups in life and although he could have very well left he choose to stay. My other best friend and he is from the service would be none other than HM1 now Marc Sivengy, although our paths have crossed and uncrossed a numerous amount of times, he also has always been there to give me his insite on life and a calm thoughtful perception of what is real. I would not be complete without mentioned Mr Haines, Eric and I have had an interesting friendship to say the least, but he and I have been there through some of the worse times you could imagine and yet we are still friends. So to all of you thank you! You will always hold a place in my heart. I was born on the morning of August 5th 1983 in Ny and well yes this is where my journey had begun little knew what would ensue in the years to come. I grew up a relatively normal life I suppose all things considered, was a rather trouble child who from the start had always seem to have a chip on his shoulder. I came into teenager hood,then came into adulthood and what most would consider an unused path, it was by choice that I decided to join the navy and this is what I am here to write about so this is what if you choose to read you will read. The chapters will be as follows they will start off with 2001 when I joined till 2006 when I departed the navy(active duty that is) and continue onto to the point where I sit today.
I hope you enjoy!

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