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a ship set sail,

A ship has set sail with my heart. I have no idea where it will go, and no idea if it will ever return just simply travel until it dies. I have no feeling left just emptiness, have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel nothing at all? Well I can tell you it does exactly feel as it sounds just like nothing. I've gone past the hate, sadness, loneliness to just plain absolutely nothing feeling wise. I rammed my head in the top of the shower last night and should have felt something as I remember doing it but instead I didn't. I just don't even care anymore, I really do wonder if I will ever regain my heart back or if somebody will catch it and bring it back before it gets too far away?? I cannot wait to go home, it is sadly looking like not until july or august time frame sadly but that is ok because well that will give me plenty of time to get ready I suppose. So for now I am going to rewatch the entire NCIS season 1-6 (not all at once). SO i bid you all aldue and good night
Doc A signing off.

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